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We start with a look at British soccer fans and why they aren’t more outraged over the scandal at FIFA, the sport’s governing body. Then, how Pope Francis continues to shake up the Vatican with his nontraditional approach to leading the Catholic Church. Next, a new hospital is opening in South L.A. on the former campus of King Drew Medical Center, which was shut down eight years ago after decades of malpractice and mismanagement. Will it usher in a new era for healthcare in South Los Angeles? And finally, in our weekly web roundup we discuss artist Richard Prince’s recent gallery show of pilfered Instagram images.

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FIFA Fans: Why So Forgiving? 12 MIN, 5 SEC

It wasn’t a huge surprise when several top officials at FIFA, soccer’s governing body, were indicted on corruption charges yesterday. But while the English Prime Minister and other higher-ups are calling for FIFA president Sepp Blatter to step down before tomorrow’s election, many fans just don’t seem to care. Why not?

Ellis Cashmore, Co-author “Football’s Dark Side: Corruption, Homophobia, Violence and Racism in the Beautiful Game,” and a visiting professor of Sociology at Aston University in Birmingham, England. (@elliscashmore)

Football's Dark Side

Ellis Cashmore

Checking In on the Pope 8 MIN, 35 SEC

The Pope revealed this week that he takes a daily nap, misses going out for pizza, and hasn’t watched television in 25 years. He also approved the beatification of an assassinated Salvadoran archbishop last Saturday, a figure controversial for his defense of the poor in the face of power. The love of pizza and the acceptance of liberal Catholic philosophy represent a new style for the Vatican. Not all in the Catholic establishment are comfortable with it. We check in on the new pope and how he’s shaking things up.

Joshua McElwee, National Catholic Reporter (@joshjmac)

New Hospital, New Hope to Replace King Drew Medical Center 13 MIN, 48 SEC

When King Drew Medical Center opened in South L.A. in 1972  it was more than just a hospital. It was a symbol of hope and empowerment for L.A.’s African-American community. The hospital represented healing for people still recovering from the Watts riots. But over time, that promise faded. King Drew had such a bad reputation it was known as “Killer King.” The hospital was finally shut down eight years ago -- after aLos Angeles Times investigation detailed years of malpractice and mismanagement. This summer, a brand new facility is opening in its place. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital starts treating patients in July. Is it the beginning of a new era?

Charles Ornstein, ProPublica (@charlesornstein)
Jasmyne Cannick, social and political commentator (@jasmyne)
Mark Ghaly, Deputy Director for Community Health for the LA County Dept of Health Services

Web Roundup: Richard Prince and Instagram 11 MIN, 32 SEC

How would you feel if you walked into an art gallery and saw a selfie you’d posted on Instagram printed out six feet tall… and selling for $90,000? If you went to the Frieze Art Fair in New York earlier this month, it could’ve happened. Artist Richard Prince was behind the pictures. We discuss that and more in our weekly web roundup.

Xeni Jardin, BoingBoing.net (@xeni)

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