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Fifty Shades of Grey comes out this weekend and is expected to rake in $70 million by Sunday. We talk about the biggest Valentine’s Day release of all time and more in our weekly film segment. Then, L.A.’s Broad Museum opens for a sneak peek this weekend, seven months ahead of its official debut. What’s in store? Next, two scientists discuss geoengineering: trying to alter the Earth’s climate through technology. And finally, beloved New York Times media columnist David Carr died yesterday at 58. What made him stand out?

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Friday Film: “Fifty Shades” Drops 14 MIN, 43 SEC

It’s Friday, and the day before Valentine’s Day, so we can all admit what news story is on our minds today: Fifty Shades of Grey” hits theaters this weekend. The movie already took in nearly $9 million from midnight showings last night, and it’s expected to hit the $70 million mark by Sunday. When it comes to pre-sale tickets, Fifty Shades has already been crowned the biggest Valentine’s release of all time. So, is it any good? We talk about that and more in our regular Friday film segment.

Mark Ellis, Schmoes Know (@https://twitter.com/SchmoesKnow)
Kristian Harloff, Schmoes Know (@KristianHarloff)

Broad Museum Sneak Peek 9 MIN, 45 SEC

L.A.’s newest art museum won’t open for another seven months, but visitors can get a sneak peek this weekend. The Broad Museum -- located downtown, next to Walt Disney Concert Hall -- is opening one floor of its new building on Sunday. We hear from the museum’s leader, and one of the artists whose work will be showcased this weekend.

Joanne Heyler, Founding Director, The Broad
BJ Nilsen, Swedish Composer (@bennynilsen)

The Perils and Promise of Geoengineering 13 MIN, 43 SEC

The west and southwest U.S. are about to face "unprecedented drought conditions," according to a new study published in the journal Science Advances. The authors say the decades-long droughts known as “mega droughts” are probably on the way by mid-century. Pronouncements like these are making geoengineering sound more palatable. Once written off as wacky science fiction, geoengineering is now being taken seriously. This week, a panel at the National Academy of Sciences recommended proceeding with research on technologies that could suck carbon dioxide out of the air and reflect back sunlight. We hear from two scientists about the possible risks and rewards of this technology.

David Keith, Harvard University (@dkeithclimate)
Alan Robock, Rutgers University (@alanrobock)

Remembering David Carr 7 MIN, 42 SEC

It’s been a terrible and tragic week for journalism. NBC suspended anchor Brian Williams over exaggerations about his reporting in Iraq; Jon Stewart announced he’s leaving The Daily Show. Then, Wednesday night, 60 Minutes correspondent Bob Simon was killed in a car crash. And yesterday, New York Times media columnist David Carr collapsed in the newsroom and died. He was 58. Carr’s obituary was front and center on the Times’ website this morning. He covered the media, but his writing transcended his beat. And in recent years, he’d become an unlikely public face for the New York Times.

Ravi Somaiya, New York Times (@ravisomaiya)

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