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Mayor Eric Garcetti’s new budget plans to bring in more revenue by issuing more parking tickets. Two Angelenos are suing, saying the fines are unconstitutionally expensive. And McDonalds and other big companies and their franchisees are being sued for wage theft: not paying their employees all the wages they’ve earned. Life coaching seems like a flaky thing, but it has gone mainstream and become a $2 billion industry. In our weekly film roundup, we look at some new releases, including John Turturro’s attempt to depict an aging gigolo with Woody Allen and Transcendence, the new Johnny Depp movie. American logophiles were apoplectic this week when they heard that the College Board is dumbing down the vocab section of the SAT.

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The Cost of Parking 8 MIN, 2 SEC

This Sunday is Easter: a day of chocolate, jellybeans, sunshine and one of the busiest days of the year for public parks. And in Orange County, parks officials have decided to charge higher parking rates on the holiday. Here in L.A., a similar move: this week, Mayor Eric Garcetti released his first budget. Part of his plan to bring in more revenue is to issue more parking tickets. Now in Los Angeles, two men are suing the city because they say parking tickets are unconstitutionally expensive.

Steven Vincent, Los Angeles Parking Freedom Initiative (@ParkingFreedom)

Wage Theft 7 MIN, 31 SEC

Wage theft is when employers find ways to keep wages they should be paying their employees. There are several class action lawsuits filed against big companies like McDonald’s over this.

Catherine Rampell, Washington Post (@crampell)

Treat wage theft as a criminal offense

Life Coaches 8 MIN, 56 SEC

Life coaches tend to be the butt of jokes in mainstream culture, but the field has been exploding, thanks in part to the slow economy and all the people looking for help finding work. Now, life coaching is a $2 billion industry, and more mainstream. Even a Harvard-affiliated hospital recently launched an institute to “support coaching-related research, practice, and education.”

Genevieve Smith, Harper's Magazine (@gvsmith)

50,000 Life Coaches Can’t Be Wrong

Computerized Depp, Old Gigolos, and the Return of Doubtfire 13 MIN, 43 SEC

Today in our weekly film roundup, we look at some new releases, including John Turturro’s attempt to depict an aging gigolo with Woody Allen and Transcendence, the new Johnny Depp movie. Plus, what’s in and what’s out at Cannes.

Kyle Buchanan, Editor (@kylebuchanan)
Christy Lemire, What The Flick?! (@christylemire)

SAT Vocab Changes 8 MIN, 31 SEC

American logophiles were apoplectic this week after receiving some dispiriting news about the S.A.T. test. In fact, it’s now unlikely students will see words like “logophile”, “apoplectic” or “dispiriting” on those tests. The College Board announced that it’s making changes to the vocabulary section. It’s going “abrogate,”  or ditch, the highfalutin, five-dollar words for which the SAT is famous.

Debbie Stier, author, 'The Perfect Score Project' (@debbiestier)

Perfect Score Project

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