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The Los Angeles city council has agreed to a $30 million settlement over gang injunctions. We take a closer look at the suit and at the injunctions themselves. Do they work? What's the impact in the affected neighborhoods?

Then, in our regular Thursday web roundup, who are the most influential people on the Internet?

After that, a new profile looks at Kate Del Castillo, the actress who helped Sean Penn get access to Mexican drug lord El Chapo. Del Castillo and Penn tell different versions of events.

And finally, a big step forward for artificial intelligence.

Banner Image: Members of the Los Angeles Police Department walk through downtown LA; Credit: Eric Richardson

Policing Gangs 9 MIN, 10 SEC

The Los Angeles Police Department says gang injunctions have been crucial in curbing gang activity and violence across neighborhoods. The department currently has 45 active injunctions in place. But how are they carried out on the ground in LA’s streets? And do they continue to be effective?

Phil Tingirides, LAPD

The Legality of Gang Injunctions 10 MIN, 9 SEC

The City of L.A. has agreed to pay $30 million in a lawsuit over its gang injunctions. We hear from the lawyer representing gang members and from a gang interventionist and former gang member.

Olu Orange, USC Dornsife Trial Advocacy Program
Skipp Townsend, 2nd Call (@SkippTownsend)

Web Roundup: Who Are the Most Influential People On the Web? 9 MIN, 39 SEC

Time magazine has named its “30 Most Influential People on the Internet.” That and more with Xeni Jardin, our weekly commentator on all things tech.

Xeni Jardin, BoingBoing.net (@xeni)

Sean Penn, El Chapo and "The Go Between" 13 MIN, 17 SEC

In January, a distraught Sean Penn told Charlie Rose he regrets that his Rolling Stone article about the drug lord El Chapo did not spark an in-depth policy discussion about the war on drugs. What it sparked instead was more like the plot of a telenovela. Mexican actress Kate Del Castillo arranged a meeting in the Mexican jungle with Penn and El Chapo. The article came out just after El Chapo was arrested in January. Now Kate del Castillo is under investigation by U.S. and Mexican authorities. She spoke with journalist Robert Draper about her version of events, and why things went so wrong, and his story appears in the current issue of the New Yorker.

Robert Draper, New York Times Magazine / National Geographic / GQ (@DraperRobert)

OK Go 6 MIN, 38 SEC

In 1997, when IBM’s “Deep Blue” beat chess master Garry Kasparov, it seemed like the computers were on the verge of taking over. Now, the computers have taken one step closer to total domination. A machine designed by Google just to beat a master at Go, an ancient board game that’s even more complicated than chess. It’s a major milestone for the humans designing the artificial intelligence that will power the next generation of computers. But how big a step?

Yigal Arens, Information Sciences Institute (@yarens1)

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