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Today we begin with two idiosyncratic views of the presidential race: First, a Republican who says he’ll never vote for Donald Trump. Then, a Canadian with a unique theory of why Trump and Bernie Sanders inspire such devoted fans.

Next, a look at the disturbing new issue of Dabiq, the ISIS magazine, and how it fits into the Jihadist propaganda machine.

Turning to local stories, Madeleine interviews writer and actor James Lecesne about his new show at the Kirk Douglas Theatre.

And finally, why downtown residents are fighting a new high-rise.

Why One Republican Won't Vote For Donald Trump 9 MIN, 22 SEC

Former Alaska governor and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump yesterday. The latest national polls have Trump at about 35 percent. The prevailing wisdom has been that a more centrist, party-supported candidate will rise up and take over the contest. But with less than two weeks to go before the voting begins in Iowa, the idea that Trump might actually win the Republican nomination and become the party’s standard bearer is sounding less and less crazy – to some. Today we hear from one Republican who explains why he won’t be voting for Trump.

Peter Wehner, Ethics and Public Policy Center (@Peter_Wehner)

The "White Man Pathology" 9 MIN, 16 SEC

Peter Wehner might not vote for Trump, but a lot of Americans would. Of course, they’re generally not the same people who’d vote for Bernie Sanders, but one writer thinks that the two candidates have more in common then you might think. A Canadian observer of American politics explains his theory to Madeleine.

Stephen Marche, writer (@StephenMarche)

Dabiq Magazine and the ISIS Propaganda Machine 8 MIN, 26 SEC

The latest issue of Dabiq hit magazine stands this week. Well, not all magazine stands, because Dabiq is published by ISIS. The glossy, English-language quarterly features some typical magazine fare, but with a Jihadi slant. For instance, there’s an advice column for widows of fighters who died for the ISIS cause. Then there’s the more troubling stuff – like an article that praises the San Bernardino attackers, and a fawning obituary for the British man known as Jihadi John, who’s responsible for multiple executions of Westerners. How does this publication fit into the terrorist group’s propaganda machine?

Graeme Wood, Atlantic Magazine (@gcaw)

'The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey' 12 MIN, 45 SEC

Here’s the opening scene of a new play: A middle-aged New Jersey police detective is talking to the audience and he’s quoting Shakespeare. It’s a little weird. Then it gets weirder… the cop turns into a female hair salon owner, then she becomes a 16-year-old girl, who later becomes a British community theater director. All of these characters and more are performed by James Lecesne in his one-man play currently running at the Kirk Douglas Theatre. He speaks to Madeleine about the show.

James Lecesne, playwright and actor (@JLecesne)

Downtown High-Rise Fight 6 MIN, 43 SEC

Now that downtown is the hot place to live, the proverbial drawbridges are coming up. New buildings are being built left and right, and some residents are protesting. They say the neighborhood’s seen enough development. One particular point of contention is a proposed 26-story high-rise at Ninth and Hill streets.

Jon Regardie, Los Angeles Downtown News (@DowntownNews)

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