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Only 317 of the more than 4,000 California Democrats running will become delegates to the Democratic National Convention this summer. Also, all three Republican candidates are in California for the state’s GOP convention taking place this weekend in Burlingame. Why is California so important to the Republican candidates this presidential election? Then, the Sklar Brothers talk about the new L.A. Rams quarterback and other L.A. sports news. After that, a new Gary Marshall film just in time for Mother’s Day. And finally, vegans have their kale knives out after finding out that the owners of popular plant-based restaurants have been slaughtering and consuming animals on their Northern California farm.

How Do You Become a Delegate? 8 MIN, 40 SEC

California Democrats elect their presidential delegates Sunday. In one Southern California congressional district alone, which goes from Burbank to West Hollywood, there are more than 100 Democrats running for a spot on the delegation. There are more than 4,000 Democrats running throughout the state, and ultimately, only 317 will make the cut and travel to the national convention in Philadelphia this summer. We’ll explain the confusing delegate process.

Jessica Levinson, Loyola Law School (@LevinsonJessica)

GOP Presidential Hopefuls Descend on California 7 MIN, 56 SEC

All three GOP presidential candidates are in California this weekend for the Republican Party convention. Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich will all speak and schmooze throughout the state, but Trump is the candidate being met with the most public support and opposition – thousands of protesters gathered Friday outside of the Burlingame hotel while Trump addressed the convention. It’s the first time in decades that California will make a difference in picking the GOP nominee.

Bruce Cain, University of California Washington Center

Sports with the Sklar Brothers 10 MIN, 40 SEC

Things were looking pretty good in L.A. sports for a while: the Ducks and the Kings were the top two seeds in the hockey playoffs, the Clippers got Blake Griffin back, rusty but ready. The Dodgers were looking good. But L.A. sports took a turn for the worse and had a very bad sports news week. That is, until the city’s new football team got a new quarterback on Thursday. We’ll talk about the NFL draft and others ports news with the Sklar Brothers.

Randy Sklar, comedian and sports commentator (@SklarBrothers)
Jason Sklar, comedian and sports commentator (@SklarBrothers)

Movies, Just in Time for Mother’s Day 11 MIN, 13 SEC

Mother’s Day is the Sunday after next, and nothing says “I love you” to dear old mom more than another holiday-themed comedy from director Gary Marshall. We’ll talk about that and the other movies coming to your local cineplex in our weekly film segment.

Christy Lemire, What The Flick?! (@christylemire)
Amy Nicholson, host of the podcast The Canon (@theAmyNicholson)

L.A. Vegan Animal-Slaughter Scandal 8 MIN, 3 SEC

Menu items like the “I Am Humble” bowl are part of the reason why L.A. vegans have been obsessed with Cafe Gratitude and its sister restaurants Gracias Madre and Sage. But now vegans are readying their kale knives after news recently spread that the owners of these restaurants have been slaughtering and consuming animals on their Northern California farm. The owners, Matthew and Terces Engelhart are being blasted on Twitter and Facebook and say they’ve received death threats. Their restaurants have received a deluge of angry one-star reviews on Yelp and there are calls for boycotts. And on Friday, irate activists plan to protest at Los Angeles locations.

Josh Scherer, Los Angeles Magazine (@CulinaryBroDown)

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