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The Supreme Court ruled today that Hobby Lobby does not have to cover contraception for employees through the Affordable Care Act for religious reasons. First, we’ll define some of the key terms in the case and answer some of the questions that result from the ruling. Then, we’ll take a look at the family behind Hobby Lobby and the organization that recruited them to protest contraception. Next, the University of Phoenix in San Diego is the biggest recipient of GI Bill tuition money in the country. But the quality of education doesn’t measure up to some state and national measures. Next, filmmaker Doug Block on his new documentary 112 Weddings, which airs tonight on HBO. Finally, Facebook ran an experiment on users in 2012, but didn’t get permission from the users.

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Hobby Lobby FAQs 7 MIN, 40 SEC

The Supreme Court ruled today that Hobby Lobby can decline to offer contraceptive coverage under the Affordable Care Act for religious reasons. But now that we have the ruling, we’re left with many questions. Like, what is a closely held corporation? Will the ruling also allow certain corporations to not hire gays and lesbians? Does the ruling apply to all contraception?

Tom Taylor, US Law Week (@Tom_PTaylor)

Hobby Lobby Family 9 MIN, 8 SEC

Just how did the family behind Hobby Lobby become the poster child for religious freedom and the Affordable Care Act? Turns out they were recruited by a conservative advocacy firm called the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty. And the Becket Fund is not done with pushing cases its leaders say violate the rights of Christians in America.

David van Biema, Senior religion writer for Time magazine
MIchelle Boorstein, religion reporter for the Washington Post (@mboorstein)

GI Bill Treasure Chest 8 MIN, 26 SEC

When the GI Bill was reauthorized in 2008, the idea was to ensure a middle-class lifestyle for troops coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan. But unlike the veterans of WWII, who spent their GI Bill money on universities like Harvard, Yale and UC Berkeley, the new wave of veterans are largely attending for-profit colleges. And according to a new investigation by the Center for Investigative Reporting, the University of Phoenix is raking in money from the GI Bill, but not leaving vets with much of an education.

Aaron Glantz, Center for Investigative Reporting (@Aaron_Glantz)

112 Weddings 13 MIN, 39 SEC

Wedding videographer Doug Block has shot 112 weddings since he decided documentary filmmaking was not going to pay the bills. But the itch to tell stories on screen was always with him. In his new documentary, “112 Weddings,” Block checks back with a handful of couples years after the big day to see what happened after the bliss wore off… and what it means for the idea of marriage itself. “112 Weddings” airs on HBO tonight.

Doug Block, documentary filmmaker (@DougBlock)

Facebook Fiddles with Our Brains 7 MIN, 36 SEC

Back in 2012, Facebook conducted a mass experiment on users. Some users had more positive, happy posts removed from their news feeds. Others had more negative posts removed. Facebook wanted to see how the posts of our friends and colleagues affected our own behaviors on the social network. The results of the study were recently released, but the ensuing uproar has not been about the findings. It’s Facebook’s manipulation of user data without consent that’s largely gotten the thumbs down.

Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic (@yayitsrob)

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