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Students at Torrance High school have filed a lawsuit against the district claiming officials ignored reports that the wrestling coach was a molester.

And Malibu is looking to leave The Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District and form its own school district.

The Los Angeles Zoo believes the mountain lion known as P-22 killed its koala Killarney, and there’s some strong evidence to back up that theory.

And when you adjust your clock to spring forward this Sunday, savor the moment. It might be the last time Californians do this.

Plus the latest movies coming out this weekend.

Photo: Main Building at Torrance High School

New Lawsuit Alleges Torrance School District Failed to Protect Students from Sexual Predator 9 MIN, 56 SEC

“It’s a page right out of the Catholic Bishop playbook” is how attorney John Manly describes the behavior of the Torrance County School District. His law firm is representing 18 students who have filed a lawsuit against the district claiming the district failed to protect them from wrestling coach Thomas Snider. The 47 year old coach turned himself into police today and is now charged with 33 felony counts of a lewd acts upon a child.

John Manly, Senior Attorney

Malibu Wants Its Own School District 7 MIN, 51 SEC

The Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District is looking to dehyphenate, a split that’s been likened to a divorce. Malibu city leaders think it’s time to have a school district of their own, but in order to get their way, the city may need to pay out some money to its poorer neighbor, Santa Monica. The Malibu representative of the Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District walks us through the tense relationship and negotiations that are taking place.

Craig Foster, Santa Monica Malibu Unified School Board

The Case of the Koala Killer at the Los Angeles Zoo 6 MIN, 36 SEC

Sometime between the evening of March 2nd and March 3rd, a killer took the life of Killarney, the Los Angeles Zoo’s oldest koala. Zoo officials discovered a tuft of her hair down the road from the koala enclosure, and a more grisly discovery a bit further along.

And when they counted the residents of the enclosure, 14-year-old Killarney was nowhere to be found. The most likely culprit? P-22, Griffith Park’s beloved mountain lion.

Beth Pratt-Bergstrom, National Wildlife Federation (@bethpratt)

Friday Movies 14 MIN, 11 SEC

Thinking of seeing a movie this weekend? Let film critics Witney Seibold and Tim Grierson guide your decision. Discussed today are sci-fi thriller Cloverfield, Eye in the Sky, Sacha Baron Cohen’s The Brothers Grimsby and Lolo.

Witney Seibold, co-host of Canceled Too Soon (@witneyseibold)
Tim Grierson, Film Critic (@TimGrierson)

Daylight Saving in California 8 MIN, 8 SEC

The biannual “spring forward fall back” dance that we Californians do may be a thing of the past if assembly member Kansen Chu (D-San Jose) gets his way. He’s introduced a bill to do away with the business of clock-adjusting. Michael Downing joins us to give some much-needed perspective on this practice.

Michael Downing, Author

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