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Photo: Residents wade through flood waters from Tropical Storm Harvey in Beaumont Place, Texas, U.S., on August 28, 2017. (Jonathan Bachman/Reuters)

Why Houston wasn't prepared for Harvey, and what could happen in LA 17 MIN, 41 SEC

After going offshore, Tropical Storm Harvey is now poised to return to Houston. Residents near two dams have been told to evacuate, as officials release water from them. We speak with a local journalist who reported a year ago why Houston wasn’t prepared for a storm like this one. And Los Angeles has some of the same conditions, and could see catastrophic flooding in the event of a major storm. We find out how city officials are preparing.

Kiah Collier, Texas Tribune (@KiahCollier)
Mark Schleifstein, Times-Picayune (@mschleifsteintp)
Kate Hutton, City of Los Angeles' Emergency Management Department (@ReadyLA)

New warnings about risk of major flooding on L.A. River amid new development, revitalization
Right Before Harvey, Trump Nixed a Rule Designed to Protect Cities From Flood Risks

No one's home at HUD? 10 MIN, 57 SEC

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson is touring the storm devastation in Texas. But will he be able to offer meaningful help to the thousands of people who may need it in the coming months? His agency is underfunded and understaffed.

Alec MacGillis, ProPublica (@AlecMacGillis)

Is Anybody Home at HUD?

Why North Korea fired a missile over northern Japan 8 MIN, 14 SEC

A North Korean missile flew over the island of Hokkaido, Japan on Tuesday. Bullet trains stopped, and some TV stations interrupted programming to warn people to take shelter. It’s only the third time North Korea has fired a rocket over Japan. The Japanese Prime Minister called it an “unprecedented, serious and grave threat.”

David Sanger, National Security Correspondent for the New York Times (@SangerNYT)

Reactions to North Korea's missile tests -- from LA's Koreatown and Seoul 5 MIN, 51 SEC

Tensions with North Korea are as high as they’ve been since most of us can remember. Threatened missile launches from the North have been met with talk of “fire and fury” from President Trump. While war rhetoric has been a regular fixture of the Korean situation since the shooting stopped in 1953, the current back-and-forth feels different to many Koreans and Korean-Americans. KCRW’s Benjamin Gottlieb got a sense of that in LA and during a recent visit to South Korea.

Benjamin Gottlieb, Afternoon News Producer (@benjamin_max)

How to pair wine with Asian food 6 MIN, 3 SEC

The freewheeling downtown Indian gastropub Badmaash recently started a new wine program. Maybe you think foods heavy on cumin and curry powder wouldn’t pair well with some of Europe’s world-famous grapes. But it’s just a matter of knowing which wines you should reach for.

Katherine Spiers, LA Weekly; Producer of Smarth Mouth (@katherinespiers)

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