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How does Mexico view the U.S. presidential race and how do Mexicans feel about Donald Trump’s harsh rhetoric on immigration?

Then, the Supreme Court this week will hear an important challenge to abortion rights. What are the implications?

We also take a closer look at Fox sportscaster Erin Andrews’ court testimony in her case against a Nashville Marriott hotel, where she was filmed without her knowledge through a hotel peephole.

After that, we discuss the new book West of Eden, about the families that shaped Los Angeles.

And finally, what ever happened to the dire El Niño predictions for this year?

The Mexican View of Our Presidential Election 10 MIN, 44 SEC

It’s Super Tuesday, which means voters in a dozen states will cast ballots in presidential primaries and caucuses. Republican candidate Donald Trump is expected to win big, which is something few people saw coming just a couple of months ago. But how has Trump’s rise been seen over the border in Mexico and what has been the response to the candidate’s harsh rhetoric on immigration?

Carlos Puig, Milenio (@puigcarlos)

Supreme Court Takes Up Abortion Access 8 MIN, 24 SEC

Tomorrow, the Supreme Court will hear the most significant challenge to abortion rights in a generation. The case is about a Texas law that curtails women’s access to abortion clinics. The law requires clinic doctors to have hospital admitting privileges and the clinics themselves to be certified as ambulatory surgical centers. These provisions are so expensive that at least 30 abortion clinics in Texas have closed so far. We look at how this law compares to abortion laws and restrictions around the country.

Esmé E. Deprez, Bloomberg News (@esmedeprez)

Erin Andrews Testifies in Stalker Case 9 MIN, 46 SEC

Fox sportscaster Erin Andrews has been testifying in court for the last two days. She’s suing the Marriott Vanderbilt in Nashville and her stalker, Michael David Barrett, for $75 million. Barrett took nude videos of Andrews through a peephole while she was staying at the hotel. He then posted the videos online. ESPN, Andrews’ employer at the time, thought the videos might be a publicity stunt and insisted she do an interview about them before she was allowed back to work. What do the new details tell us about being a woman in the sports world?

Mary Elizabeth Williams, Salon (@embeedub)

'West of Eden' Looks At Los Angeles History 11 MIN, 50 SEC

The history of Los Angeles is a history of the families that shaped it. In a new book called West of Eden, oral historian and author Jean Stein tells the stories of five families who shaped our city, including her own. Her father was Jules Stein, founder of the media giant MCA in the 1920s. The Dohenys, the Garlands, the Warners and the Selznicks round out the cast of characters in West of Eden. Stein’s works tackle similar themes: The cult of celebrity, the loneliness of fame, and the tensions between West Coast and East Coast ideas of success. Madeleine speaks to a reviewer about the writer’s latest.

Maria Russo, New York Times Book Review (@mariarussonyt)

West of Eden

Jean Stein

What Happened to El Niño? 7 MIN, 57 SEC

Remember El Niño? We came into this year with big predictions for rain. But now February is over and, here in L.A. at least, it was one of the hottest on record. What gives?

Alex Tardy, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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