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A new poll from USC shows it’s a close race for Democrats and Republicans in California’s primary race, with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump leading.

We also hear from a man in Canada who’s leading an effort to lure disillusioned Americans to an island in Nova Scotia.

In our Monday TV roundup, our critic talks about the disturbing trend of television shows killing off lesbian characters.

Then, part one of a three-part series about peacemakers of South Los Angeles.

And Oculus Rift is now making virtual reality accessible to the general public.

Trump and Clinton Lead in California 10 MIN, 37 SEC

It’s a close race for Democrats and Republicans in California’s primary race, according to a new poll from USC. Hillary Clinton leads 45 to 37 percent over Bernie Sanders, while Donald Trump is up just 37 to 30 percent over Ted Cruz. However, there are some surprises buried in the data. The reasons why California Republicans support Trump aren’t all what you might expect. The racial gap we’ve seen nationwide between Clinton and Sanders voters is far less pronounced here. We break down the data.

Dan Schnur, USC Unruh Institute of Politics / Dornsife LA Times Poll (@danschnur)

USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times Poll

Are You Moving to Canada? 7 MIN, 20 SEC

If you’re appalled at the idea of a Trump presidency, there’s a solution: Move to Canada. One town in particular will welcome you, Cape Breton. It’s an island in Nova Scotia. Rob Calabrese, a radio DJ at the station 101.9 The Giant is leading the campaign to welcome Americans. It started as a joke, but now he’s gotten serious.

Rob Calabrese, DJ

TV Roundup 9 MIN, 20 SEC

Spoiler alert! The creator of a cult favorite TV show has apologized to fans for killing off a character. Lexa, a popular lesbian character on The 100 on the CW, was killed earlier this month just after she consummated her relationship with series lead character Clarke. That enraged fans and prompted several entertainment outlets to explore what some are calling a troubling trend of offing lesbian characters on television. We discuss that and more in our regular Monday TV roundup.

June Thomas, Slate (@junethomas)

'Peacemakers' Part I: The Cop 13 MIN, 13 SEC

This week we're going to tell you about three people who have a common goal. They're peacemakers: A cop, a  former gang member and an activist. All of them are working to stop gang-related violence in South L.A. But the ways they make peace in their neighborhoods are different. “Peacemakers” is a three-part series by reporter David Weinberg. and this is part one. It profiles a police officer who was an early adopter of community policing. The series is part of Weinberg’s radio and web project about South L.A., “Below the Ten.”

Photo by Alexandra Garretón

Peacemakers: The Cop

Here Comes Oculus Rift 6 MIN, 11 SEC

The first Oculus Rift Virtual Reality systems are shipping out today, which means that in the upcoming days and weeks, consumers will be able to tune out the election by donning a headset and tune into outer space, or Pari, or any number of virtual worlds. Now that virtual reality is readily accessible to the public, where’s it headed?

Peter Rubin, Wired Magazine

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