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President Obama will unveil the details of his executive action on immigration tonight; what’s in it, and what are Republicans saying? Then, tuition is about to get more expensive at UC schools: what does it mean for public higher education in California? Next, exercise in a bottle sounds too good to be true, but researchers at the Nestle company are trying to invent just that. After that we hear from Armenian-American author Meline Toumani, who moved to Istanbul for two years to better understand her cultural history. And finally, a look back at the work of director Mike Nichols, who died today at 83.

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Making an Executive Decision on Immigration 10 MIN, 10 SEC

President Obama will unveil his plans to take executive action on immigration tonight. His announcement will be timed to take place during the Latin Grammy Awards, which will cut away to the President, ensuring him a big Latino audience. Republicans aren’t happy about Obama’s decision to act unilaterally, but they’re stopping short of shutdown talk. Why?

Josh Kraushaar, Political Editor for National Journal (@HotlineJosh)

The Tuition is Too Damn High 7 MIN, 7 SEC

The UC Board of Regents approved a controversial tuition increase today. Under the plan, fees would go up as much as five percent each year for the next five years. That could put the annual price tag as high as $15,000 by 2019, not including room, board, or books. What does the move say about the public university system in California -- and what will it mean for students?

John Douglass, University of California, Berkeley

Exercise in a Bottle 7 MIN, 16 SEC

Scientists are working on a supplement that would give people the benefits of exercise without breaking a sweat. The Nestlé company -- better known for their sweet, chocolate treats -- is trying to unlock the code to make it possible. It won’t be here right away, but researchers say the idea is anything but pie-in-the-sky.

Corinne Gretler, reporter for Bloomberg News in Zurich. (@gretlerc)

Exercise in a Bottle Is Next Food Frontier for Nestle

A Journey Through Hate and Possibility 13 MIN, 16 SEC

Growing up Armenian-American, Meline Toumani was taught to hate all things Turkish. Eventually though, that hatred started to eat away at her. So she decided to face it head-on. She quit her job as a journalist at the New York Times and moved to Istanbul. What she learned and experienced in her two years in Turkey became her new book, There Was and There Was Not: A Journey Through Hate and Possibility in Turkey, Armenia and Beyond.

Meline Toumani, Author of 'There Was and There Was Not: A Journey Through Hate and Possibility in Turkey, Armenia and Beyond'

There Was and There Was Not: A Journey through Hate and Possibility in Turkey, Armenia, and Beyond by Meline Toumani (Goodreads Author)

Remembering Mike Nichols 8 MIN, 34 SEC

Broadway and Hollywood director Mike Nichols died today at 83. He was best known for his films The Graduate and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? but was also one of only about a dozen people in the so-called EGOT club: those who’ve won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony. We look back at his work and its cultural significance.

Karina Longworth, film historian and an appreciator of the films of Mike Nichols (@karinalongworth)

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