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More than a billion people log onto Facebook every day, and increasingly, users are going to the site for news. Facebook is clearly having an effect on the 2016 election.

And, presidential hopeful Donald Trump is going back on his promise to pay for his own campaign, saying he’ll need $1.5 billion for the general election. How expensive will this ‘most expensive election on record’ get?

Then, how pit bulls, once favored by American presidents and celebrities, came to be the country’s most vilified pet.

Finally, in this age of fear of aging, scientists have created a ‘second skin’ that will make you look younger instantly.

Facebook’s Influence in the Presidential Election 9 MIN, 51 SEC

More than a billion people log onto Facebook every day to look at cat gifs and baby pictures; and now more than ever, people are getting their news from the social networking site. That news is controlled by Facebook’s powerful news feed algorithm, but there are also humans involved. Gizmodo reported Monday that, according to a former Facebook contractor, curators of Facebook’s trending news feature routinely suppressed conservative news stories. Facebook has denied the allegations, but a Senate committee is looking into the matter. Regardless of whether the allegations are true or not, Facebook is clearly having an effect on this election.

Will Oremus, Slate.com (@WillOremus)

How Expensive Will the "Most Expensive Election Ever" Get? 9 MIN, 55 SEC

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump is going back on his promise to pay for his own campaign, saying he needs $1.5 billion for the general election. Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders isn’t getting as many $27 donations as he was, and Hillary Clinton’s fundraising machine continues to raise more than both Trump and Sanders by double-digits. In California, some big money is starting to flow into the senate race. We look at how much money is at stake in the most expensive election on record.

Jessica Levinson, Loyola Law School (@LevinsonJessica)

How Pit Bulls Went from Adorable to Abominable 13 MIN, 46 SEC

A hundred years ago, pit bulls were among the most popular American dog breeds. They were owned by presidents and celebrities; they appeared with The Little Rascals and in countless other movies and ads. America loved the pit bull, and they are still among the most popular dogs. But the pit bull is now seen as a gangster dog, a dog that’s chained up and trained to fight to the death, one you shouldn’t leave alone with children. A new book, Pit Bull: The Battle over an American Icon explores how the pit bull went from adorable to abominable.

Bronwen Dickey, Author (@BronwenDickey)

Pit Bull

Bronwen Dickey

'Second Skin' Makes Wrinkles Disappear 6 MIN, 9 SEC

The fountain of youth isn’t actually a fountain, it’s an elastic 'second skin.' Scientists at Harvard, MIT and Olivo Labs have developed a polymer mixture that is applied as two creams and when it sets, is less than a millimeter thick and makes wrinkles disappear. The breakthrough in aging was recently published in the journal Nature Materials.

Rox Anderson, Doctor, Professor

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