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The L.A. City Council yesterday voted on two new measures that would make it easier for authorities to break up homeless encampments. But would the ordinances make necessary improvements to our streets, or criminalize homelessness? Then, the first installment of Making L.A., our new series examining what L.A. can do to become more sustainable and more liveable. Next, Hope Solo is arguably the best goalie in women’s soccer. But she’s been dogged by allegations of domestic violence. What do we know about the charges, and how could they affect Solo’s career? And finally, a look at the kingmakers of the massive art fair Art Basel, which opens to the public tomorrow.

Banner Image: Homeless man in Los Angeles; Credit: Terabass

L.A. Tries a New Tactic for Homeless Encampments 11 MIN, 29 SEC

Homeless encampments in L.A. have almost doubled in the past two years, according to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority. And yesterday, the city council took a step to address the issue. Councilmembers approved measures that would make it easier to break up encampments.

Under the new rules, homeless people would have 24 hours notice to move their belongings from sidewalks and parks, instead of 72. City crews would also be allowed to confiscate anything bigger than a 60-gallon trash can without notice. Are these necessary measures to keep our streets orderly, or do they amount to criminalizing homelessness?

Joe Buscaino, Los Angeles City councilman (@JoeBuscaino)
Andy Bales, Union Rescue Mission (@abales)

Making L.A.: The Built Environment 15 MIN, 12 SEC

One hundred years ago, Los Angeles was barely a city at all. Over the last century, it has blown up into a giant metropolis. And during all this rapid growth, L.A. has continued to struggle with an inferiority complex, questioning its own identity and place in the world. Are we a world-class city? Can we match those older and more sophisticated cities of the Northeast? Do we have great cultural institutions? We tackle some of these questions and more in our new series, Making L.A., which will examine how we can make L.A. more liveable. This is part one.

Downtown Los Angeles
Photo by Steve Devol


Christopher Hawthorne, Chief design officer for LA City Hall; Los Angeles Times (@hawthorneLAT)
Dana Cuff, UCLA / cityLAB (@danacuff)

Hope Solo and Domestic Violence 10 MIN, 14 SEC

The United States women’s soccer team moves on to the elimination round after beating Nigeria yesterday 1-0 at the World Cup. The win was earned with the best goalie in all of women’s soccer, Hope Solo. Hope Solo also helped the U.S. win two Olympic gold medals; has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated and Vogue; has signed endorsement deals with Gatorade, Nike, and EA Sports and even did a stint on Dancing With the Stars. But last summer, she was charged with assault during a domestic violence incident involving her sister and nephew. We hear new details about the incident, what we know and what we don’t know.

Mark Fainaru-Wada, ESPN (@markfwespn)

The Power Brokers of Art Basel 11 MIN, 13 SEC

The rich and their representatives are descending on Basel, Switzerland this week for Art Basel, the world’s most prestigious art fair. It opens to the public tomorrow. For three days, billions of dollars will be spent on the work of famous and about-to-be famous artists. Three New York art auctions set records last month, setting the stage for record sales in Basel. Millions have already changed hands in today’s private pre-fair sales. And only six powerful people determine who gets to show at the fair. Who are they and why do they have so much power?

Graham Bowley, New York Times (@Graham_Bowley )

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