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Some Long Beach renters are living in deplorable conditions. We hear how the city plans to fix the problem and why renters say it isn’t enough. Then, new rules are expected to revolutionize crowdfunding for movies. Next, Islamic militants are destroying towns and selling their ancient artifacts. Can new legislation curb the antiques trade? Next, how realistic is the revitalization of the LA River? And finally, the trailer’s out for the Sci-Fi game Fallout 4.  We hear what to expect from the fan favorite.  

Tenants vs. Landlords in Long Beach 7 MIN, 5 SEC

Long Beach renter Larry Watson hasn’t had running water in his apartment for at least two years. To use the toilet, his friends and neighbors carry in water and to take a shower he has to check into a motel. No, it’s not the drought... it’s landlord negligence. And this kind of story is not unusual for Long Beach, where more than half its residents are renters. Last night, the Long Beach City Council took the first step in approving a plan that would give renters more leverage over their landlords. Tenants, though, say the proposal doesn’t go far enough.

Ben Welsh, Los Angeles Times (@palewire)

Long Beach moves to boost landlord penalties; tenants say more is needed

New Rules for Crowdsourcing Film Finance 8 MIN, 17 SEC

Have you ever pitched in a few bucks to crowdfund a movie? You probably got a T-shirt or a DVD or maybe even a ticket to the premiere as a thank you gift. And that was probably it, because it is against the law for crowdfunders to get actual money back on their investment. But on June 19th, the SEC will change that rule so that the little guy can potentially make big bucks crowdfunding films.

Schuyler Moore, Partner, Law Firm of Strook, Strook & Lavan; Author

Stopping the Islamic State From Pilfering Historic Sites 10 MIN, 19 SEC

Militants have used the destruction of high-profile historic sites to instill terror, recruit new members, highlight their religious agendas and to raise money for their cause. House lawmakers passed legislation Monday that would make it illegal to sell looted artifacts from Syria. The hope is that the law will cut off some of the money the Islamic State has raised by selling antiquities.

Erin Thompson, Assistant Professor of Art Crime at John Jay College of Criminal Justice at the City University of New York.

Summer On The LA River 14 MIN, 3 SEC

The Los Angeles River is officially open for the summer. Now you can boat, fish, birdwatch and camp there through Labor Day, and some say this is only the beginning. City officials and the Army Corps of Engineers are working on a plan to restore the L.A. River and essentially turn it into a huge park. But a new report estimates it would cost the city more than a billion dollars. Is it realistic to hope that someday we’ll have a lush, green, 51-mile river teeming with life running through L.A?

Jennifer Samson, L.A. River Corp
Ron Finley, Ron Finley Project (@ronfinleyhq)
Leigh Christy, Architect with the firm Perkins + Will

Fallout 4 Trailer Stuns Fans 6 MIN, 53 SEC

Fallout 4 rolled out its official game trailer today. This comes seven years after Bethesda Game Studios’ critically acclaimed xi, the last installment of this post-apocalyptic Role Playing Game. Gamers are going nuts.

Jason Schreier, news editor at kotaku.com (@jasonschreier)

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