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High temps, high winds, low humidity... it’s fire season. And Orange County has passed “Laura’s Law,” which means that people suffering from mental illness can be forced into treatment by a court. The U.S. has taken over as the biggest wine consumer in the world, pushing France to #2. This seems to be the year of the commencement address dis-invite. But does anyone remember their commencement speaker? And, in space news, US-Russia tension over Ukraine could take a toll on the US space program.

Banner Image: Dalai Lama with Tulane University president Scott Cowen for Tulane's 2013 commencement ceremony; Credit: Tulane Public Relations

Fire Season 9 MIN, 38 SEC

Fire season is upon us. Santa Ana winds, high heat and low humidity mean high fire danger in Southern California. Brush fires in San Diego and Santa Barbara led to thousands of evacuations yesterday. And temperatures are even hotter today all over the Southland.

Drew Smith, Los Angeles County Fire Department

Laura's Law 11 MIN, 13 SEC

Orange County has become the first major county in California to adopt what’s known as "Laura’s Law." Supervisors voted unanimously for it. That means people suffering from mental illness who are a threat to the community can be forced into treatment by a court. Will Orange County lead the way for the rest of the state to adopt the law?

Jeffrey Swanson, Duke University School of Medicine (@@jeffswansonduke)

Wine Drinking 5 MIN, 50 SEC

À votre santé America! Or should we say “cheers”? For the first time ever, the US became the world’s biggest wine market last year. France, home of Bordeaux and Champagne and Beaujolais, slid into second place.

Thomas Matthews, Wine Spectator Magazine (@trmatthews)

Commencement Speakers 8 MIN, 36 SEC

This seems to be the year of the commencement speaker controversy. Student and faculty protests have caused Condoleezza Rice and the director of the International Monetary Fund to back out of commencement speeches at Rutgers and Smith College. And last Sunday, screenwriter Dustin Lance Black spoke to the Pasadena City College class of 2014, but only after they’d re-invited him after disinviting him because of intimate photographs they’d found of him online. Is all this attention to the speaker missing the point of college graduation altogether?

Robert Smith, Slippery Rock University

News from Space 9 MIN, 58 SEC

Could American astronauts get to the International Space Station using a big trampoline? That’s the suggestion tweeted by Russia’s deputy prime minister, Dmitry Rogozin. Yesterday, Russia announced it would no longer sell the US government rocket engines for military satellites AND would not allow the US to use the International Space Station beyond the year 2020, when the current agreement expires.

Jonathan McDowell, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (@planet4589)

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