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Today we start with a look at the sometimes colorful track record of U.S. Rep Loretta Sanchez. The Democrat from Orange County just announced she’s challenging California’s Attorney General in the race for U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer’s seat. Does she have a chance? Then, we look at next Tuesday’s election for the LAUSD school board, which pits the teachers’ unions against charter school advocates. Next, our weekly Friday film roundup is all about Mad Max and Pitch Perfect. And finally, Mexican director Everardo Gout discusses his new feature film Days of Grace, which comes out today.

Banner Image: U.S. Representative Loretta Sanchez; Credit: CSUF

Loretta Sanchez Enters Senate Race 7 MIN, 44 SEC

U.S. Rep Loretta Sanchez of Orange County has entered the race to replace retiring U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer. We take a look at Sanchez’s sometimes colorful track record -- like her failed attempt to plan a fundraiser at the Playboy mansion and her notoriously quirky Christmas cards -- and her policy priorities. Does she have a chance of beating California Attorney General Kamala Harris?

Gustavo Arellano, Host, 'Orange County Line' (@GustavoArellano)

Money Pours into Tuesday's School Board Race 11 MIN, 17 SEC

There’s an election on Tuesday, in case you didn’t know. And believe it or not, races for L.A. school board seats are some of the most heated battles on the ballot, pitting the teachers’ union against charter school advocates. The LAUSD iPad debacle is also part of the campaigning. And gobs of money -- more than $4.5 million so far-- has poured into the election, a lot of it from outside Los Angeles. The primary election for the board of education was on March 3rd and only around 10 percent of registered voters turned out. With so much at stake, will the turnout be better this time around?

Vanessa Romo, LA School Report (@vanromo)

Friday Film: 'Mad Max' and 'Pitch Perfect' 13 MIN, 20 SEC

There’s something for everyone this weekend at the movies. The Mad Max saga continues, as does the Pitch Perfect saga… And there’s a Western too! We talk about it all in our regular Friday film segment with returning guests Dave White and Alonso Duralde.

Dave White, Film Critic (@dlelandwhite)
Alonso Duralde, Film Critic (@ADuralde)

'Days of Grace' 13 MIN, 24 SEC

More people are kidnapped in Mexico than any other country in the world. Officially, the number is more than four a day. Unofficially it could be many times that. For a place that has suffered so much violence, it’s an ongoing torment, but one that people tend not to talk about. Mexican filmmaker Everardo Gout decided it was an issue that should be explored. He spent four years interviewing gang members, corrupt police, and kidnap victims and their families. Madeleine speaks with Gout about his feature film, Days of Grace, which opens in L.A. tonight.

Everardo Gout, director, 'Days of Grace' (@everardogout)

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