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Politicians are already spinning their own conclusions from the massacre in Orlando on Sunday. Meanwhile, theories about shooter Omar Mateen’s motives are still speculative. Untangling such tragedies is often a complicated process. What are the pitfalls of rushing to judgment?

Then, California is considering a new round of gun control laws.

Next, we hear from first responders about the psychological effects of being first on the scene of mass shootings.

After that, an update from two USC professors who are both battling breast cancer and chronicling their experiences on the website, Medium.

And finally, a tribute to the late creator of the iconic beehive hairdo.

Orlando Narratives 11 MIN, 58 SEC

Politicians including President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are already spinning conclusions from the massacre in Orlando on Sunday. Meanwhile, theories about shooter Omar Mateen’s motives are still speculative: He was a radicalized follower of ISIS. He was a closeted gay man. He was a violent homophobe. He was mentally unstable. After mass shootings politicians and the media grab for quick explanations. But what are the pitfalls in that?

Reid Meloy, Psychologist, Professor (@ReidMeloy)
Karen Tumulty, Washington Post (@ktumulty)

California Considers New Gun Control Measures 8 MIN, 5 SEC

Horrific mass shootings are invariably followed by an outcry over the availability of guns, and a push for new gun control measures. In California, the legislature was already set to consider 11 new gun control bills, and a gun control measure is set to appear on the ballot in November.

Larry Rosenthal, Professor of Law

First Responders to National Tragedies 10 MIN, 51 SEC

For one group of people, the attack in Orlando won’t fade away easily: First responders. The police, fire, and medical professionals who are the first on the scene are often last to forget tragedies like Orlando. Madeleine speaks with two guests about the challenges for these professionals.

Nancy Bohl-Penrod, Director of Counseling Team International
Troy Anderson, Police Sergeant

Judy Muller and Alison Trope on Living with Breast Cancer 9 MIN, 25 SEC

For the past few months we’ve been bringing you the story of Alison Trope and Judy Muller, two professors who teach a course together at USC and were each diagnosed with breast cancer around the same time. Today we share the latest installment of their story. Muller has finished her treatment for now, and life is much different for her than it is for Trope at the moment. Alison is still undergoing chemotherapy.

Judy Muller, University of Southern California (@judusc)
Alison Trope, USC

Remembering the Inventor of the Beehive Hairdo 7 MIN, 20 SEC

The B-52’s didn’t just wear beehives, the band was named after the hairstyle - since it looks a little like the nosecone of the World War II bomber. The Chicago-area hairstylist who invented the high-altitude hairdo passed away last Friday. She was 98. Margaret Vinci Heldt spun her first beehive back in 1960. It quickly became a symbol of the era, and over the years it’s been adopted by some of the world’s most iconic stars - from Barbara Streisand to Amy Winehouse to Marge Simpson. Margaret Heldt created the style at the request of Modern Beauty Shop magazine. The magazine is now called Modern Salon and Madeleine speaks to the head editor.

Alison Alhamed, Editor-in-Chief, Cosmetologist (@alison_alhamed)

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