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We start with a look at yesterday’s announcement by the Mormon Church on gay rights and religious freedom. Then, Michelle Obama didn’t wear a hijab yesterday during a visit to Saudi Arabia, sparking thousands of critical tweets. Why is the headscarf so politically charged? Next up, in our regular parenting segment, a look at a Maryland couple being investigated for letting their two children walk home a the park unsupervised. Are we living in an age of over-parenting? After that, Madeleine speaks with choreographer Amy O’Neal about her hip-hop piece “Opposing Forces,” which makes its California debut this weekend at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts. And finally, Sam Smith and Tom Petty have reached a settlement over plagiarism allegations. We look at the legal standard for songwriting plagiarism, and some of the more famous song credit feuds from over the years.

Banner Image: Tom Petty playing at the Norwegian Wood music festival in 2012; Credit: NRK P3

The Mormon Church and Gay Rights 8 MIN, 43 SEC

Seven years ago, the Mormon Church was a major organizer and financial sponsor behind the anti-gay-marriage measure Prop 8. The proposition passed but was later overturned by the California Supreme Court. Then yesterday, leaders of the Mormon Church announced that they supports employment and housing protections for LGBT people. That announcement came after talks between the church and other groups that began after Prop 8. We hear from an openly gay lawmaker who was involved in those discussions.

Jim Dabakis, Utah State Senate (@JimDabakis)

The Politics of the Hijab 7 MIN, 45 SEC

President Obama was in Saudi Arabia yesterday paying respects to King Abdullah, who died last week. The visit was short, but there was just enough time for the First Lady to find herself at the center of a controversy. Michelle Obama chose not to wear a headscarf to official proceedings. It’s not entirely unusual for foreign officials to skip the hijab in Saudi Arabia, but thousands of tweets from Saudis criticized the first lady for not covering her hair. Why does the headscarf keep getting dragged into political discussions?

Haleh Esfandiari, Woodrow Wilson Intrenational Center for Scholars

Kids Walk Home Alone 8 MIN, 12 SEC

A Maryland family is being investigated for letting their kids walk home from the park. The distance was about one mile, and the kids were 10 and 6 years old. The ongoing investigation into the family has sparked a conversation about how much freedom we should give our kids. Are we living in an age of over-parenting? Or appropriate caution? We discuss that and more in our regular parenting segment.

Stefanie Wilder Taylor, Co-Host of the parenting podcast “For Crying Out Loud” and author of the book “Naptime is the New Happy Hour.” (@swildertaylor)

Choreographer Amy O’Neal’s “Opposing Forces” 12 MIN, 50 SEC

Hip-hop has been firmly in the mainstream for decades when it comes to music, but less so when it comes to dance. Hip-hop and street dance styles rarely get the rarefied treatment of forms like ballet and modern. This weekend, however, hip-hop gets the fine art approach at Orange County’s Segerstrom Center for the Arts. Choreographer Amy O’Neal has created a theater piece featuring five B-boys from different street crews in Seattle, and it runs this Thursday through Saturday as part of the Segerstrom’s fourth annual Off-Center Festival. She discusses her work.

Amy O'Neal, dancer and choreographer

Tom Petty, Sam Smith and the History of Music Legal Battles 9 MIN, 36 SEC

When you heard Sam Smith’s hit "Stay With Me,” you might have noticed that the melody is similar to Tom Petty’s “I Won't Back Down." Tom Petty thought so, too. This week we learned that the two artists have agreed to share royalties from the Sam Smith song. This isn’t the first time an artist has been inspired -- maybe a little too inspired -- by another artist. Even as we speak, representatives of the band Jimmy Eat World are reportedly talking to Kelly Clarkson’s people about the similarity of their biggest hit to her new single. What’s the legal standard for songwriting plagiarism, and what are some of the most famous cases in history?

Eric J. Lawrence, KCRW DJ (@ericjlawrence)

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