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We start today with Rep. Adam Schiff, who represents parts of Los Angeles, on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s reelection and about-face on a two-state policy. Then, California has new water use restrictions. But why don’t they go further? Next, Blue Shield is losing its nonprofit status; how did it get it in the first place, and what will the news mean for consumers? After that we hear from the author of a new book that’s all about the differences between reading on a screen and reading in print. Finally, a look at the weird, wide world of fanfiction.

Banner Image: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a press conference.

Netanyahu’s Victory and About-Face 7 MIN, 56 SEC

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has locked up reelection, after a campaign that included rejecting a Palestinian state and a speech before U.S. Congress criticizing the nuclear deal the White House was pursuing with Iran. Neither was welcome news to the Obama administration. The President was not consulted about the speech. Obama also supports a two-state solution in the Middle East. So what does Netanyahu’s re-election mean for an already-tense relationship with the White House?

Adam Schiff, US Congress (D-CA); U.S. Democratic Representative (@RepAdamSchiff)

The Politics of Water Restriction 7 MIN, 47 SEC

As California enters its fourth consecutive year of drought, we now have new, statewide emergency water restrictions. Residents across the state will have to limit how often they water their lawns. Restaurants and hotels will also have new restrictions, such as not automatically giving customers a glass of water. Meanwhile, a recent editorial by a NASA scientist says we only have a one-year supply left in our reservoirs. Why aren’t we doing more to conserve?

Max Gomberg, State Water Resources Control Board (@CaWaterBoards)

Blue Shield Losing Non-Profit Status 8 MIN, 18 SEC

Blue Shield, the third biggest health insurer in California, has lost its tax-exempt status, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times. Blue Shield could owe the state tens of millions of dollars in taxes. It has more than $4 billion in reserves, and has been criticized because its former CEO was paid nearly $5 million annually. What could that mean for consumers?

Shana Alex Charles, Cal State Fullerton

With billions in the bank, Blue Shield of California loses its state tax-exempt status

Reading on Screen 11 MIN, 57 SEC

We used to read books, magazines and newspapers on paper. Some of us still do. But many are now doing a lot of our reading on screens, on eReaders and computers. Does that change how we read, what we read or how much? We hear from a guest who says there are significant differences between reading on a screen and reading something in print.

Naomi Baron, American University (@AmericanU)

Words Onscreen

Naomi S. Baron

The Wide World of Fanfiction 9 MIN, 36 SEC

The world of fanfiction climbed to new heights this year with the film release of Fifty Shades of Grey, which has pulled nearly $162 million at the domestic box office. The book started as Twilight fanfiction: Edward the vampire became Christian Grey the human sadist. Fanfiction -- all one word -- is just what is sounds like, fiction written by fans of existing work using the same characters or other elements of the original. And, despite its reputation, it’s huge. We get an overview of the field.

Abraham Riesman, New York magazine (@abrahamjoseph)

You Belong to Me- The fanfiction boom is reshaping the power dynamic between creators and consumers.

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