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We begin with another update on the ongoing Orange County jail escape saga. The latest information: a cab driver was held hostage by the three fugitives for a week.

And with the escapees now behind bars, we look at a new report that finds a record number of people convicted of crimes were exonerated in 2015. And a third of those people were originally found guilty of murder. However, it was later found that no crime was committed in half the cases.

Then, Yahoo Inc. is crashing and burning. The company could be up for sale following poor performance. The company is also laying off 15 percent of its 11,000 employees.

Finally, we wrap up with a feature on the gentrification of Hollywood and discuss general development all over Los Angeles.

Banner Image: Captured fugitive Hossein Nayeri is escorted into Orange County Jail; Credit: OC Sheriff

O.C. Jail Saga Continues 9 MIN

The three escapees from the Orange County jail are back in lockup this week. But what exactly did they do during the week they were missing? Well for one, they kidnapped a cab driver and held him hostage. They then took the driver to a Walmart, a Target, and a motel. This kidnapping is what ultimately led to the capture of the fugitives. We learn more about the escapees’ wild journey after they busted out of jail. We also talk about other suspects involved in the case.

Gustavo Arellano, Host, 'Orange County Line' (@GustavoArellano)

Exonerations Report 9 MIN, 47 SEC

A new report released today found that 150 people convicted of crimes were exonerated in 2015. A third of these people were originally found guilty of murder. And in half of the cases, it was found later that no crime was committed. Several of these exonerations occurred in Harris County, Texas. We find out how someone can even go to prison if no crime was committed in the first place. And how many false convictions are actually out there?

Samuel Gross, National Registry of Exonerations

Yahoo's Downfall 7 MIN, 39 SEC

This week Yahoo Inc. announced it would be laying off 15 percent of its 11,000 employees. Its overall fate is just as dismal: The company could be up for sale and its CEO could be gone pretty soon. Let’s not get started about the lawsuit that accuses the company of using performance reviews illegally and unfairly in firing employees. CEO Marissa Mayer is being questioned about what’s going on and board members could also decide her fate in the upcoming weeks.

Ben Johnson, Marketplace Tech (@TheBrockJohnson)

A Tale of Two Hollywoods 7 MIN, 49 SEC

The LA metro area has doubled its population in the last five decades. And with that, there’s a new planning philosophy: building more densely around public transportation hubs. But the new concept is causing conflict within many neighborhoods where development could take place. Now a new group called the Coalition to Preserve L.A. is trying to place a measure – the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative – on the November ballot that would put a moratorium on new megaprojects. We start with a feature by KCRW’s Saul Gonzalez on two residents in Hollywood. They’re experiencing this fight over Los Angeles firsthand.

Saul Gonzalez, Host, 'There Goes the Neighborhood: Los Angeles' (@SaulKCRW)

The Los Angeles Development Fight 13 MIN, 48 SEC

Now we look at the issues animating the development debate with the incoming campaign director for the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative and the architecture critic for the Los Angeles Times. They assess whether Los Angeles is ready to live in a more urban city or whether it still wants the single-family homes and two- and three-story apartment buildings of yesteryear.

Christopher Hawthorne, Chief design officer for LA City Hall; Los Angeles Times (@hawthorneLAT)
Jill Stewart, Neighborhood Integrity Initiative (@jillstewart)

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