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The FDA has announced a new device that can save someone overdosing on drugs. Mozilla’s CEO resigns after less than two weeks on the job after a backlash to his support of Prop 8, the anti-gay marriage measure. In our weekly film segment we talk about the new Captain America movie, a new movie about “the double rainbow guy,” and other new releases. When you think about kids being bullied at school, you think about shy, awkward kids, but a new study shows the popular kids have it worse. And, speaking of bullying, we talk to the writer of cult hit movie Heathers on its 25th anniversary. And today is the last day of DailyCandy, the daily email about one hot thing you should know about.

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Personal Overdose Device 7 MIN, 14 SEC

The FDA just announced the approval of a new device that can be used on someone overdosing on drugs. The agency says a person dies every 36 minutes from a drug overdose in the U.S. and that this new product, called Evzio, can help cut those numbers. But others are concerned that it’s the wrong way to combat the country’s growing opioid problem.

David Sack, Promises Treatment Centers (@DrDavidSack)

FDA approves new hand-held auto-injector to reverse opioid overdose

Intolerance Over Intolerance? 8 MIN, 28 SEC

Two weeks ago, Brendan Eich was appointed CEO of Mozilla, maker of the popular Firefox web browser. Yesterday, he resigned after a firestorm had erupted over a $1,000 donation he made in 2008 to the campaign for Prop 8, California’s anti-gay marriage initiative. 70,000 people had signed a petition calling for him to step down. But now there’s a backlash to the backlash.

Nick Bilton, Vanity Fair (@nickbilton)

Superheroes, Super Horrors and Harry Potter 8 MIN, 59 SEC

Today in our Friday film segment, we discuss the upcoming Harry Potter spin-off, the new Captain America flick, and the horror film Afflicted.

Popular Kids Get Bullied, Too 5 MIN, 34 SEC

When you think about kids picking on each other in school, who do you think suffers the most? The awkward, shy kids? Think again. A new study says popular students actually feel more unhappy about being bullied than the kids with less social status.

Robert Faris, UC Davis

25 Years of 'Heathers' 9 MIN

High school bullying is a popular theme in movies. There’s one in particular that defines the genre. Before Mean Girls. Before Bring It On or Clueless, there was Heathers. This week, Heathers turned 25, and a Broadway musical based on the film opened. Like a high school loser who goes on to make a fortune in tech, Heathers was a flop when it opened in 1989. But it rose to cult status in the years since.

Daniel Waters, screenwriter, 'Heathers'


Richard Lehmann

The End of DailyCandy 7 MIN, 41 SEC

Before there was Gilt, Refinery29 or Groupon, there was DailyCandy. It was a daily email about something - a restaurant, a store, a yoga class - that was hot, that you had to know about. It started in 2000. 5 years later the NY Times called it the undisputed grand dame of style sites, and 8 years later DailyCandy was so popular that Comcast bought it reportedly for $120 million. Now, Comcast is closing DailyCandy with the parting words “It’s Been Sweet.”

Dany Levy, DailyCandy (@dailycandy)

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