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We start with the latest on last week’s jail break in Orange County, and a look at what might have motivated the woman accused of aiding the escapees.

Then, Zika virus has landed in L.A. County. What precautions should we be taking?

In other health news, the latest effort to bring a grocery store to South L.A. fell apart. Why does the area south of the 10 Freeway still suffer from a lack of fresh, healthy food?

Next, Madeleine speaks to the director of the new documentary Suited.

And finally, our regular Friday film segment runs through all the latest releases at the box office this weekend.

Image: Booking photo of Nooshafarin Ravaghi from the Orange County Sheriff's Department

OC Jail Escapees and Female Accomplices 8 MIN, 54 SEC

New details have come out about the arrest of Nooshafarin Ravaghi. She’s the woman accused of helping three men break out of an Orange County jail last week. Ravaghi taught English as a second language at the jail. She allegedly developed some kind of personal relationship with one of the escapees, Hossein Nayeri, while he took her classes. Orange County sheriff’s officials say she provided him and the two other men with maps and possibly tools to help them break out. She’s not the only woman recently accused of aiding incarcerated criminals. Two New York prison inmates who escaped in June were helped by a woman who worked at that facility. She allegedly had an affair with one of them. And there’s a long history of women on the outside falling in love with - even seeking out - men behind bars. Why would law-abiding women get involved with accused or convicted criminals?

John Mayer, forensic psychologist

Zika and Latin America 8 MIN, 23 SEC

The first Zika virus case in Los Angeles County was confirmed this week. A teenage girl contracted the virus while visiting El Salvador in November. She has since recovered from the disease. Public health officials are advising that pregnant women should delay trips to countries where the mosquito-borne illness has spiked in recent months. The Zika virus has been linked to severe birth defects. Several Latin American countries are calling for women to stop getting pregnant entirely. But access to birth control in these countries can be spotty or impossible, and abortion is banned entirely – or greatly restricted – in most Latin American nations.

Annalisa Merelli, Quartz (@missanabeem)

South L.A.'s Food Desert Persists 10 MIN, 3 SEC

Los Angeles is a place of stark contrasts, even when it comes to access to quality food. While residents in affluent parts of the region complain about congestion at their Whole Foods parking lot, residents of South L.A. often have to drive long distances to find a grocery store that even sells fresh fruits and vegetables. There have been some encouraging and disappointing developments recently. Celebrity chef Roy Choi – of Kogi food truck fame – recently opened up his version of a healthy fast food restaurant in Watts. There were celebrations, lines around the block. Meanwhile, a lot that’s been vacant since 1993 sits nearby. City and community leaders had been trying to get a grocery store to open up there only to see the most recent plan collapse. We check in on all these latest efforts.

Breanna Hawkins, Los Angeles Food Policy Council
Jasmyne Cannick, social and political commentator (@jasmyne)

'Suited' 12 MIN, 49 SEC

For most people, buying clothes is not a big deal. But when you’re transgender, or gender non-conforming, it’s a different story. Fitting who you are takes on more meaning when you feel like you are not who your body says you are. A New York tailor has built a business catering to these customers. They come in to buy custom-fitted suits, and it’s often a profoundly emotional experience. Jason Benjamin captured that experience in his documentary Suited, which premiered this week at Sundance.

Jason Benjamin, director, 'Suited'

Friday Film 9 MIN, 13 SEC

The 10 days of the Sundance Film Festival are wrapping up this weekend. But Hollywood is year-round. And we’ve got another slate of movies opening, including a kids’ sequel.

Christy Lemire, What The Flick?! (@christylemire)

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