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We start with an Oscars post-mortem with the comedy duo known as Frangela. Then, in our regular Monday TV segment, what were TV viewers watching besides the Academy Awards last night?

Next, "Press Play" contributor Mike Schlitt gives us a political report from the ground in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia.

Elsewhere in politics, former KKK leader David Duke has pledged his support for Donald Trump, and Trump is getting criticized for not thoroughly disavowing Duke.

Meanwhile, a KKK rally in Orange County turned violent over the weekend. Why is the white supremacist group in the news again so much lately?

And finally, Trump is being sued by former students of his Trump University who say they were duped.

Frangela on the Oscars 9 MIN, 42 SEC

The big winners at the Oscars last night were, unsurprisingly, white. But how about a new hashtag today, perhaps #OscarsSoIrrelevant? One of the highlights of last night's telecast was host Chris Rock interviewing movie-goers on the street in Compton, none of whom had heard of several Best Picture nominees. Plus, the Oscar ratings were the lowest in eight years. Madeleine dissects the show with the comedy duo known as Frangela.

Frances Callier, Frangela (@frangeladuo)
Angela Shelton, Frangela (@frangeladuo)

TV Roundup: Beyond the Oscars 8 MIN, 11 SEC

While the Oscars got dismal ratings last night, a big TV audience was watching "Walking Dead" last night. We discuss that and what else viewers are excited about in our regular television roundup.

Michael Schneider, Indiewire / Variety (@Franklinavenue)

On the Ground in the South 10 MIN, 14 SEC

This is proving to be perhaps the most unpredictable presidential campaign in recent memory, and it's hard to know whether the results of tomorrow's Super Tuesday voting will make things clearer or stir up the muck even more. We hear from one of our regular contributors, who's been traveling around the country trying to make sense of it all. He just wrapped up a 10-day tour of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia.

Mike Schlitt, Historian and Producer, 'The Document' (@schlitthappenz)

An Orange County KKK Rally Turns Violent 9 MIN, 26 SEC

Over the weekend, three people were stabbed and more than a dozen arrested at a Ku Klux Klan rally in Anaheim. The white supremacist group has been in the news for other reasons too. Today, Donald Trump is getting blasted by his Republican competitors for failing to denounce the KKK when asked about it on CNN Sunday. So what's going on? Why is the KKK suddenly in the spotlight again and what is its presence here in California?

Brian Levin, California State University, San Bernardino (@proflevin)

Trump University 7 MIN, 39 SEC

Donald Trump's Trump University promised to teach students to make a lot of money doing real estate deals. But three lawsuits by former students say the claims were fraudulent. One of those suits, a class-action launched against Trump in 2010, is finally heading to trial in San Diego. In CNN's Republican debate last week, Marco Rubio jumped on the issue. Will it hurt Trump's winning streak?

More: Trump plays the victim card against Hispanic judge

Michael Isikoff, Yahoo News (@Isikoff)

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