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In Paris on Saturday, nearly 200 countries struck a deal to combat climate change. Does it go far enough? And what impact did California’s delegation have?

Then, tonight’s the premiere of the latest “Star Wars” movie, “The Force Awakens.” How did the film franchise spawn a merchandising empire?

Then, did Walmart retaliate against employees for unionizing?

And finally, we discuss “The Big Bang Theory,” “Fargo,” “Luther” and more in our regular Monday TV roundup.

Does the Paris Climate Pact Go Far Enough? 7 MIN, 32 SEC

In Paris on Saturday, nearly 200 countries struck a deal to combat climate change. The plan is supposed to lower greenhouse gas emissions around the world and keep temperatures from rising more than two degrees Celsius. It’s being hailed as a landmark agreement. But scientists and climate activists say it does not go far enough. Why not?

Chris Mooney, Washington Post (@chriscmooney)

A Local Presence at the Paris Climate Talks 7 MIN, 1 SEC

California is not a country, but it has the world’s eighth largest economy. It also had a big presence during the Paris Climate Conference. Governor Jerry Brown, former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and a ton of other California lawmakers and delegates were there. We hear from one.

Cara Horowitz, UCLA's Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment

'Star Wars' Madness 10 MIN, 58 SEC

‘Star Wars’ super fans are camped out in front of the Mann's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Some have been there since December 5, just to get a glimpse of the stars of the new movie, ‘The Force Awakens.’ The big Hollywood premiere is tonight. It’s been almost four decades since the original ‘Star Wars’ was released, and although the original die-hard fans may have gray hair and retirement accounts, the films have no shortage of new fans. There’s also no shortage of new “Star Wars” products. So how has this film franchise spawned a vast merchandising empire?

Anthony Breznican, Entertainment Weekly (@Breznican‎)

Walmart's Union Surveillance 11 MIN, 49 SEC

Walmart is the biggest retailer in the country. In fact, Walmart is the largest company in the world with more than 2 million employees. In 2011, a group of Walmart employees formed something called Organization United for Respect at Walmart, or OUR Walmart. The group called for better wages, better schedules, improved health insurance and freedom to speak up without retaliation. According to a new investigation in Bloomberg Businessweek, however, Walmart did retaliate against organizers.

Susan Berfield, Bloomberg Businessweek (@@susanberfield)

How Walmart Keeps an Eye on Its Massive Workforce

TV Roundup: 'The Big Bang Theory,' 'Fargo,' and more 9 MIN, 47 SEC

Like a spaceship door opened to the emptiness of space, ‘Star Wars’ has sucked the air out the movie business this week. But there’s plenty to talk about in the TV world. We discuss ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ ‘Fargo,’ ‘Luther’ and more in our regular Monday TV roundup.

Eric Deggans, NPR (@Deggans)

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