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Today on Press Play, a look at the ramifications - both legal and otherwise - of the ruling by the US Patent Office that revokes the Redskins’ trademark. And GM CEO Mary Barra testifies before Congress today on a spate of major recalls by the company. Next, a look at the remaining Supreme Court cases. There are two weeks left in the session and there are a few blockbuster decisions pending. Then: bottoms up! We’ll get the history of booze from author Adam Rogers. Finally, a look at the world of tech, from Amazon smartphones to smell-o-texting. 

Banner Image: Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III (10) celebrates after his touchdown run with team mate Josh Morgan (15) during the second half of their NFL football game against the Dallas Cowboys in Landover, Maryland December 30, 2012. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst 

Main Topic Redskins Trademark 8 MIN, 4 SEC

The US Patent Office revoked the Washington Redskins’ trademark today saying that the name disparages Native Americans. The ruling adds fuel to the fire for activists who have long sought to get the team’s name changed. And the Redskins organization will likely lose millions of dollars in apparel royalties.

Erik Brady, USA Today (@ByErikBrady)

GM Recalls Hearing 9 MIN, 6 SEC

GM CEO Mary Barra is on the Capitol Hill hot seat again today. And this time she’s armed with a damning internal investigation on how the old leaders of the company ignored significant defects for years - defects that led to the deaths of 13 people. With the backdrop of yet another major recall and several lawsuits, how will the company move forward?

David Shepardson, Reuters (@davidshepardson)

SCOTUS Preview 8 MIN, 59 SEC

The Supreme Court is in the final weeks of its term, and there are some major decisions on the way. The high court will rule on whether or not private companies should be required to include contraceptive coverage, whether cops should be allowed to search the smartphones of suspects after an arrest and the power of the president to make recess appointments.

Dahlia Lithwick, Legal Affairs correspondent for Slate (@dahlialithwick)

Proof: The History of Booze 13 MIN, 41 SEC

Throughout history, there’s a particular invention that proves a civilization has grown up: booze. Adam Rogers’ new book, “Proof: The Science of Booze” tracks the evolution of alcohol science from ancient civilizations to today. And Rogers busts up some popular alcohol myths - most of which revolve around hangover home remedies.

Adam Rogers, Wired (@jetjocko)

Tech Roundup 7 MIN, 44 SEC

In today’s tech roundup, a look at Amazon’s new smartphone - and why the company want to get in on the handheld device game. And there’s new technology that would deliver smells via text.

Ariel Bogle, Slate (@arielbogle)

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