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Today we start with a look at Bernie Sanders’ campaign, his chances of winning today’s New Hampshire primary and the demographics of his supporters. Next, will Congress stay gridlocked no matter who wins this year’s presidential election? Then, a roundup of the latest in car news, starting with the discontinuation of Scion. Moving on to cultural news, Madeleine speaks with A.O. Scott about his new book. And finally, the secrets of the SAT test. 

Sanders and Young Voters 9 MIN, 39 SEC

Voting is underway in New Hampshire today in the first 2016 primary, and Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are leading in the polls there. Sanders has a 26-point lead over Clinton. Trump is at 31 percent, compared to the 17 percent held by Marco Rubio, the closest runner-up. That’s according to a poll put out by CNN and New Hampshire’s WMUR-TV. Sanders is also doing really well with young voters. According to that same poll, a whopping 87 percent of voters 18 to 34 support him over Clinton. But Iowa and New Hampshire are overwhelmingly white, which is not the case in the rest of the country and, crucially, in the next states to vote: South Carolina and Nevada. So how do young minority voters view the candidates?  

Janell Ross, The Washington Post (@JanellRoss)

Bernie Sanders’s real problem with black and Hispanic voters

Congress and the Next President 7 MIN, 16 SEC

If Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton becomes president, it’s likely they’ll experience what President Obama experienced today. He sent his last budget to Capitol Hill. True to form, the Republican-led Congress says they will ... ignore it. Yes, gridlock is the name of the game in Washington these days. What can the next president expect?

Reid Wilson, The Hill (@PoliticsReid)

Car Roundup 8 MIN, 54 SEC

Apparently one man-bun joke does not a millennial buyer make. Toyota launched Scion in 2003 to target millennial car buyers, but sales have dropped in the past few years. So Toyota recently announced that it would kill the Scion brand this summer. That’s where we’ll start with Press Play’s car guru today, in our recurring roundup of automotive news.

Aaron Robinson, Hagerty Magazine

'Better Living Through Criticism' 13 MIN, 39 SEC

In 2012, New York Times chief film critic A.O. Scott described the movie The Avengers as "a snappy little dialogue comedy dressed up as … a giant A.T.M. for Marvel and its new studio overlords, the Walt Disney Company." Samuel L Jackson, one of the film’s stars, tweeted in response, "Avengers fans, A.O. Scott needs a new job! Let’s help find him one … he can ACTUALLY do!" A Twitter storm erupted. But Scott says Jackson raised a valid and vital question. What is the job of a critic and how should it be performed? Scott talks to Madeleine about his new book, which attempts to answer that question.

A.O. Scott, Film Critic, New York Times

Secrets of the SAT 8 MIN, 9 SEC

If there’s one good about being grown up, it’s not having to take the SAT again. For younger people who still haven’t taken the college entrance exam, it seems like a stressful experience is about to get more stressful. The College Board, which administers the SAT, has given the test its biggest makeover in a decade. Now there will be longer and harder reading passages and math problems with more words. The author of a new book on the SATs joins Madeleine to uncover the mysteries of the new test.

Debbie Stier, author, 'The Perfect Score Project' (@debbiestier)

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