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Yesterday, the Santa Monica City Council mostly banned Airbnb. What could it mean for the bigger picture of short-term rentals? Then, homelessness in L.A. County is up 12 percent from two years ago. A lot of the people living on the streets are veterans. We look at the city’s plan to end veteran homelessness. Then, actress Amber Tamblyn on her new book of poetry about female casualties of Hollywood. And finally, how did the once close President Obama and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren end up at odds?  

Santa Monica Mostly Bans Airbnb 9 MIN, 50 SEC

Last night, the Santa Monica City Council banned most short-term rentals in a unanimous vote. That means no more renting out your house for the weekend, and no more taking apartments and flipping them into Airbnb rentals full-time. You can still rent a room in your house or apartment, but only if you’ll be on-site during the stay. Plus, you’ll have to get a special license and pay 14 percent tax on each stay. The Santa Monica regulations are the strictest in the region. We talk about Santa Monica’s decision and what it could mean for the bigger Airbnb picture.

Frank Gruber, Huffington Post
Eric Sussman, UCLA’s Anderson School of Management

Housing Homeless Veterans 11 MIN, 41 SEC

If you’ve sensed lately that there are more homeless people on the streets -- living in tents under freeway overpasses, begging on street corners and sleeping in their cars -- than in past years, sadly, you’re right. Official numbers say homelessness increased by 12 percent in L.A. County over the past two years, to nearly 42,000. Many of them are veterans. Mayor Eric Garcetti has promised to give homeless veterans in the city a place to live by the end of the year. But how much of a dent will that make in the bigger problem, and how is it being accomplished?

Peter Lynn, Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (@LAHomeless)

Amber Tamblyn’s 'Dark Sparkler' 14 MIN, 53 SEC

When Hollywood chews, young actresses often either get spit out or swallowed whole. From Jean Harlow to Marilyn Monroe to Brittany Murphy, actresses who were eaten up by Hollywood in one way or another and died are the inspiration for Amber Tamblyn’s latest poetry collection. Tamblyn is best known as an actress herself, but we speak to her about her new book, “Dark Sparkler.”

Amber Tamblyn, actress and author (@ambertamblyn)

Dark Sparkler

Amber Tamblyn

Elizabeth Warren 9 MIN

President Obama has used up quite a bit of his political capital lately trying to push through a giant trade pact. And, in an unusual twist, the opposition came from his own party. Democrats voted against fast-tracking of the Trans-Pacific Partnership this week, with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren leading the charge. Warren told NPR yesterday that the trade deal is basically a gift to corporations. President Obama, meanwhile, said her objections are “speculative.” How did the once close political allies get to this point?

Josh Kraushaar, Political Editor for National Journal (@HotlineJosh)

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