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We start today with the news that the A.C.L.U. is asking state and federal authorities to investigate hiring practices in Hollywood for gender discrimination. What is the A.C.L.U. asking for and what’s it like to be a woman working in Hollywood today? Then, a recent New York Times investigation exposed shocking wage theft, racism and other problems in the nail salon industry. We take a look at the state of the industry in L.A. Next, run-ins between police and people with autism are increasing, but the police often have little or no training for how to identify autism or handle people on the spectrum. Now that’s starting to change. And finally, in our recurring sports segment with the Sklar brothers, we talk “deflategate” and the L.A. Clippers.

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Sexism in Hollywood 11 MIN, 21 SEC

It’s no big secret that Hollywood is a man’s world. But now the status quo is being challenged as a violation of civil rights: specifically, the dearth of women in the director's chair. The A.C.L.U. is pushing the agencies that oversee employment practices to look into what they call rampant and intentional gender discrimination in recruiting and hiring female directors. What’s the civil rights organization asking for, and what is it like to be a woman working in the business today?

Melissa Goodman, ACLU of Southern California (@mg718)
Jen Arnold, writer, director and producer

'To the Point' on gender bias in Hollywood

L.A.’s Nail Salon Industry 10 MIN, 30 SEC

Americans spent more than $9 billion on manicures and pedicures last year. Much of that money was dropped in California where we have more nail salons than any other state. A recent New York Times investigation found that nail technicians in New York City faced rampant wage theft, long hours with no breaks, and dangerous working conditions. New York Governor Mario Cuomo ordered emergency protections for nail salon workers this week after the stories were published. Today, we look at whether conditions in L.A. are any better.

Gina Szeto, Asian Law Caucus
Catherine Porter, California Healthy Nail Salons Collaborative

Autism and Policing 15 MIN, 50 SEC

Picture a teenager wandering the street, behaving erratically. Police try to stop and talk with him, he reacts angrily and maybe runs. The police chase and catch him but it’s a struggle. What the police don’t know is that the kid has autism. Run-ins between police and autistic people are increasing, but the training for police in recognizing the signs of autism is minimal or even non-existent in many places. Now that’s starting to change.

Kate Movius, mother of an autistic son
Luann Pannell, Los Angeles Police Department

Sports With the Sklars 9 MIN, 39 SEC

The big sports story of the week is Tom Brady, the Super-Bowl-winning New England Patriots quarterback who’s now suspended for the first four games of next season for his role in the “deflategate” scandal. But he’s not contrite. Also, the Clippers are on a roll and could close out the Rockets in Houston tonight. And San Francisco has banned snuff and chewing tobacco at baseball fields... what are the players going to do?

Jason Sklar, comedian and sports commentator (@SklarBrothers)
Randy Sklar, comedian and sports commentator (@SklarBrothers)

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