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First, the U.S. Supreme Court is deciding whether President Obama’s executive orders on immigration are constitutional. What are they likely to rule? Then, a look at Hillary Clinton’s ground game as her competition with Bernie Sanders gets unexpectedly intense. Next, Glenn Frey of the Eagles died yesterday. We look back at his music and distinctly California sound. Then, Madeleine speaks to a historian and author who argues that modern conservatism traces back to the 1932 race between Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt. And finally, our regular food commentator Katherine Spiers talks ancient grains, and why they’re making a modern California comeback.

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SCOTUS Takes On Immigration Executive Actions 8 MIN, 42 SEC

The U.S. Supreme Court is weighing whether President Obama’s executive orders on immigration are constitutional. Twenty-six states have sued the White House, saying they are not, and a federal judge in Texas sided with the states a year ago. What’s the high court likely to say?

Dara Lind, Vox (@DLind)

Hillary Clinton's Ground Game 6 MIN, 34 SEC

Hillary Clinton holds a nearly 15-point lead in national polls, but that’s not enough for the Democratic frontrunner to rest easy. In Iowa and New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders’ poll numbers are surging. Clinton went on the offensive during Sunday night’s Democratic debate. How has the unexpected success of Sanders made the road to the White House bumpier for the Clinton campaign?

Reid Wilson, The Hill (@PoliticsReid)

Remembering Glenn Frey 7 MIN, 54 SEC

The man who told us all to “Take It Easy,” Glenn Frey of the Eagles, died Monday at age 67. After some heartache last night, and maybe a hazy tequila sunrise this morning if you were a superfan, we’re going to look back on the life of this rock figure who most certainly belonged to this city.

Randall Roberts, Los Angeles Times

California and Modern Conservatism 15 MIN, 30 SEC

Make America great again. This is, of course, the campaign slogan of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. But it was essentially the same message that Republican Herbert Hoover delivered as he campaigned for president in 1932. Hoover was campaigning hard against his Democratic rival, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and against FDR’s so-called New Deal. And most of Hoover’s conservative talking points have survived to the present day. We hear from the author of a new book that argues the fight against the New Deal launched modern conservatism and today’s Republican Party as we know it.

Right Out of California

Kathryn S. Olmsted

The New Return of Ancient Grains 7 MIN, 15 SEC

What’s old is new again – when it comes to wheat. Yes, wheat. Southern California farmers are leading a comeback of so-called heritage grains. These include old varieties of wheat that haven’t been popular in a hundred years. They pre-date the mass market wheat we typically find in the supermarket. But are heritage grains tastier or better for you?

Katherine Spiers, LA Weekly; Producer of Smarth Mouth (@katherinespiers)

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