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More people are filing their tax returns online. It's convenient. It's cheaper. But there are risks. And almost 80% of filers get refunds. What do we do with that money? Jay Z has launched a new music streaming service: good for all artists, or just really big stars? Will the Ellen Pao trial lead to any real changes for women in venture capital? And it turns out that sexism in the big-money world of Silicon Valley often starts in the rarified Ivy league and elite business school classrooms. Finally, in car news, the BBC cans the host of Top Gear, and electric cars are...cheap!

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Fraudulent Tax Returns 8 MIN, 11 SEC

April 15 -- tax day -- is just a couple of weeks away. More of us are filing our taxes online these days through sites like TurboTax or H&R Block. But TurboTax had to be shut down briefly last month because so many fraudulent returns were being filed through the site. In 2013, the the IRS said it paid out almost $6 billion in fraudulent refunds -- and the number of cases has increased significantly since then.

Jonnelle Marte, Washington Post (@jonnelle)

What Do We Do with Our Tax Refunds? 8 MIN, 2 SEC

Almost 80% of tax filers get refunds. Why? And what do they do with the money?

Ishani Banerji, Georgetown Institute for Consumer Research (@IshaniBanerji)
Kit Yarrow, Golden Gate University (@genbuy)

A New Music Streaming Service from Jay Z 8 MIN, 21 SEC

Last night, Jay Z got on stage with a group of the biggest names in music to launch Tidal, his new streaming music service that could compete with Spotify, Google Music and Apple Beats. The artists say that for $20 a month, Tidal will stream high-fidelity audio and the profits will go directly to the artists. But some fans aren't buying it, saying it's just going to benefit huge pop stars who are already rich.

Andrew Hampp, Billboard (@billboard)

Jay Z's historic Tidal launches with 16 artist stakeholders

Women in the VC World 6 MIN, 30 SEC

The verdict in a major sexual discrimination case is sending ripples through Silicon Valley this week. On Friday a jury ruled against Ellen Pao and in favor of the venture capital firm she was suing -- Kleiner Perkins. The trial may have succeeded in changing the conversation about diversity at VC firms. But will this new dialogue lead to any real changes for women in venture capital?

Jennifer Fonstad, Aspect Ventures (@aspectvc)

After Ellen Pao, now what?

VC's and Business School 7 MIN, 3 SEC

It turns out that sexism in the big-money world of Silicon Valley often starts well before the first day on the job. It begins in the classroom. In the rarified Ivy League and elite business schools to be exact.

Fran Seegull, Impact Assets (@franseegull)

Car News 8 MIN, 39 SEC

The host of popular British car show Top Gear was canned for bad behavior...and now the head of the BBC is getting death threats. The toll lanes that were supposed to speed up the freeways may be a victim of their own success. And want a bargain on a new car? Take a look at electric vehicles.

Aaron Robinson, Hagerty Magazine

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