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Los Angeles students protest gun violence as part of national school walkout 4 MIN, 57 SEC

On Wednesday morning, students nationwide walked out of their classrooms to protest gun violence. At thousands of schools, they marked 17 minutes of silence -- one for each of the people killed in Parkland, Florida last month. In Los Angeles, public schools allowed kids to leave their classrooms and gather on campus. We hear from some of them.

Conservatives point to Obama-era guidelines on school discipline as one reason for school shootings 9 MIN, 51 SEC

President Trump, Florida Senator Marco Rubio and others say schools are less safe because of Obama-era guidelines aimed at reducing suspensions and expulsions of minority students. The argument is that any easing of disciplinary action could let a would-be school shooter evade law enforcement. However, the Parkland shooter was expelled from the school and was white.

Susan Ferriss, Center for Public Integrity (@susanferriss)
Donna Groman, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge

Remembering astrophysicist Stephen Hawking and his link to Caltech 8 MIN, 41 SEC

Stephen Hawking died Tuesday at his home in England. He was 76. Hawking was known for his work on the universe and black holes, and for his wheelchair-bound persona. He was diagnosed with ALS at age 22, and lived with the disease for more than 50 years. It left him unable to move most of his body. He was dependent on technology for just about everything, including his ability to speak, but his brain was undiminished.

Sean Carroll, professor of physics at Caltech, one of Stephen Hawking’s colleagues (@seanmcarroll)

Taylor Mac's 24-hour show gives a different look at history 14 MIN, 36 SEC

Taylor Mac will perform “24-Decade History of Popular Music” starting Thursday in LA. It’s divided into four shows on four separate nights. It’s about this history of oppression and activism in the U.S. -- from 1776 to present day.

Taylor Mac's "A 24-DECADE HISTORY OF POPULAR MUSIC" by Teddy Wolff

Taylor Mac (L) courtesy of Matt Gross; Mac at the Curran (R) by Little Fang

Taylor Mac, theater artist

A 24-Decade History of Popular Music

MOCA's chief curator is fired, what's next for the museum and LA's art scene? 8 MIN, 48 SEC

LA’s Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown has fired its chief curator, Helen Molesworth. She was a big get for MOCA. She curated two of the museum’s most popular shows: a 35-year retrospective of American painter Kerry James Marshall, and another retrospective of Brazilian sculptor Anna Maria Maiolino. Also, architect Richard Meier is accused of sexual harassment by five women. He designed the Getty Center among many other buildings around the world. Now Meier’s taking a six-month leave of absence.

Carolina Miranda, Los Angeles Times (@cmonstah)


Images of Taylor Mac courtesy of Teddy Wolff and Matt Gross.

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