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We start with a look at the economic cost of the Ebola crisis: It’s already in the millions in the U.S., which pales in comparison to the possible $30 billion price tag in West Africa. Then, we hear from the owner of a surf retreat in Liberia who’s been affected by the disappearance of tourism. Next, 10,000 pages of newly released, previously confidential documents from the Clinton administration shed new light on the history of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” among other things. Then we hear from writer and LA Times reporter Hector Tobar, whose new book details the previously untold story of 33 Chilean miners who were trapped underground for 69 days. Finally, in our weekly TV roundup we discuss the season five premiere of “The Walking Dead” and more.

Banner Image: Chilean Miners

The Economics of Ebola 8 MIN, 42 SEC

Before Thomas Eric Duncan died from Ebola last week in Dallas, he’d spent nine days in intensive isolated care at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital at an estimated cost of half a million dollars. The U.S. is facing bigger bills for sending troops to West Africa and implementing airport screenings to fight the disease. But the biggest economic impact will be felt in West Africa, where Ebola could cost more than $30 billion. We look at the economic tolls of a deadly virus.

Shawn Donnan, Financial Times (@sdonnan)

Ebola poses $33bn threat to West Africa economy as human cost grows

Liberia Tourism Takes a Hit From Ebola 7 MIN, 34 SEC

Two years ago, a couple of San Diego surfers decided to open a surf retreat in a small fishing village in Liberia. The retreat has attracted surfers and other adventurers from 40 countries around the world. But with the Ebola outbreak, all tourism to the country has stopped and all U.S. volunteers and workers have been pulled out. We hear from one business owner personally affected.

Sean Brody, co-founder of Kwepunha Surf Retreat and CEO of the Surf Resource Network in San Diego. (@BrodyPhotos)

Clinton Documents Shed New Light on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” 8 MIN, 59 SEC

On Friday, the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock released 10,000 pages of previously confidential documents. It’s the last batch of more than 30,000 pages of documents that have been released since February. They reveal new details about behind-the-scenes discussions of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, among other things.

Josh Gerstein, Politico (@joshgerstein)

Documents detail Bill Clinton, Colin Powell talk on gays in the military

“Deep Down Dark” 14 MIN, 35 SEC

Four years ago today, the entire world was watching as 33 Chilean miners emerged unharmed from a stone prison that had held them captive for 69 days. A massive piece of rock had trapped them more than 2,000 feet underground. Each of the miners shared their version of events for the first time with writer and LA Times reporter Hector Tobar, who chronicles it all in a new book

Hector Tobar, author and journalist

Deep Down Dark: The Untold Stories of 33 Men Buried in a Chilean Mine, and the Miracle That Set Them Free

Zombies, Infidelity, and Broken TV Ratings 7 MIN, 41 SEC

The zombies are back! AMC’s “The Walking Dead” returned last night after much anticipation, and it looks like the series might have a new hero. We discuss the season 5 premiere, plus Showtime’s new series “The Affair” and fallout from the molestation allegations against “7th Heaven” actor Stephen Collins in our weekly TV roundup.

Michael Schneider, Indiewire / Variety (@Franklinavenue)
Todd VanDerWerff, culture editor for Vox.com (@tvoti)

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