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Donald Trump has named former Texas Governor Rick Perry to head the Department of Energy. Perry once wanted to get rid of that department entirely.

Rex Tillerson is Trump’s nominee to run the State Department. As CEO of Exxon, he formed a partnership with Russia’s state-owned oil company to explore oil in the Arctic.

Aleppo, Syria is the site of a humanitarian catastrophe as President Bashar al Assad’s forces take over. We talk about that and what happened to ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

For 10 years, Silver Lake resident Craig Gilmore treasured the painting overlooking his dining room table, until he found out that Nazis had stolen it from the National Museum in Warsaw.

Finally, where to get the best holiday cookies in LA.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore; Governor Rick Perry speaking at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, DC.

Changes coming to US energy policy 10 MIN, 11 SEC

During a 2011 presidential primary debate, former Texas Governor Rick Perry forgot the name of a department he wanted to eliminate. It was the Department of Energy. Donald Trump has now nominated Perry as Energy Secretary.

Amy Harder, Wall Street Journal (@AmyAHarder)

The future of Arctic oil drilling 9 MIN, 9 SEC

President Obama signed an executive order on Friday that would protect parts of the American Arctic from oil drilling. But President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for Secretary of State has a different opinion about drilling in the Arctic. Rex Tillerson has been CEO of oil and gas giant ExxonMobil since 2006. In 2011, he brokered a major deal with Russia to drill for oil in the Arctic. That deal has been on hold since 2014 due to US sanctions against Russia.

Charles Ebinger, Brookings Institution

ISIS is on the run in Syria and Iraq, but it’s not going away 10 MIN, 5 SEC

Today a U.N. spokesperson described the situation in Aleppo as “a complete meltdown of humanity.” Pro-government forces are close to retaking the Syrian city from anti-government rebels. It represents a major victory for President Bashar al Assad. He’s been fighting an assortment of rebel groups there, and foreign fighters like ISIS and al Qaida in other parts of the country. ISIS is on the run in Syria and Iraq. Its plans for a caliphate now in disarray.

Robin Wright, US Institute of Peace / Woodrow Wilson Center (@wrightr)


What happens when a man learns he owns looted art 9 MIN, 33 SEC

For 10 years, Silver Lake resident Craig Gilmore treasured the painting overlooking his dining room table. It’s called “Portrait of a Lady” and depicts an unsmiling woman dressed in Renaissance garb, with a huge white, ruffled collar around her neck. A few months ago, Homeland Security agents showed up at his home and said the painting had been looted by Nazis from the National Museum in Warsaw.

Craig Gilmore, Opera Singer, Actor

Gingerbread, chocolate, sugar: Where to get your fill of holiday cookies 6 MIN, 54 SEC

Bakeries throughout L.A. are making special seasonal treats. We talk about where to find the best ones, and the history of the holiday cookie.

Katherine Spiers, LA Weekly; Producer of Smarth Mouth (@katherinespiers)

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