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Are homemade meals worth the effort? The food editor of the New York Times hashes it out with a writer who’s sworn off cooking. Plus: Today is National Kale Day. Who’s behind this unofficial holiday, and how did our kale obsession start in the first place? We begin the show with a former head of the Secret Service who discusses the recent revelations about security lapses inside the agency. Also, a utopian village for tech entrepreneurs in downtown Las Vegas is turning out to be not so utopian. What went wrong?

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Inside the Secret Service 8 MIN, 3 SEC

Members of Congress questioned the head of the Secret Service on Capitol Hill yesterday. Julia Pierson tried to explain how an intruder with a knife made it all the way to the entrance of the Green Room before he was stopped. At the hearing, sitting next to Julia Pierson, was Ralph Basham. He ran the Secret Service from 2003 to 2006. Before that, he was a Secret Service agent for over 25 years. He joins us to discuss the current Secret Service situation.

Ralph Basham, former head of the Secret Service

Downtown Utopia Hits A Snag 7 MIN, 54 SEC

A utopian village for tech entrepreneurs in downtown Las Vegas is turning out to be not so utopian. Tony Hsieh, the enigmatic CEO of Zappos, put up $350 million last year to buy and develop about 60 acres of property in downtown Vegas. It’s called the Downtown Project. It’s a community for tech entrepreneurs complete with a school, communal living quarters, bars and restaurants. But now it’s being reported that there are big problems with the Downtown Project... and it might be on the verge of collapsing.

Nellie Bowles, New York Times (@NellieBowles)

Tony Hsieh Steps Down From Lead Role at Las Vegas Downtown Project

“Yes Means Yes” App 9 MIN, 51 SEC

California’s new “yes means yes” law for college campuses is an effort to cut down on unwanted sexual aggression by making sure both parties consent to any and all romantic contact. There are disagreements as to how effective the new law may be. But fear not: A new app is here to help. We discuss that and other internet-related news with the guys from the TLDR podcast.

PJ Vogt, WNYC’s “On the Media” and co-host of the podcast “TLDR” (@PJVogt)
Alex Goldman, Reply All (@agoldmund)

The Great Cooking Debate of 2014 13 MIN, 41 SEC

Sixty years after frozen foods came around to liberate kitchen-bound housewives, domesticity is making a comeback. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow are writing lifestyle blogs and cookbooks. But is home cooking worth the effort? Author and journalist Sarah Miller says no, and goes toe-to-toe with New York Times food editor Sam Sifton.

Sarah Miller, journalist and author (@sarahlovescali)
Sam Sifton, New York Times (@SamSifton)

Why I'll Never Cook Again
Make Dinner: A Home Cooking Manifesto

Why is Today National Kale Day? 6 MIN, 39 SEC

It’s National Kale Day. It’s not a Congressionally-approved official holiday, but that’s not stopping people and businesses from celebrating. Who’s behind Kale Day, and how did the whole whole kale craze get started anyway?

Alan Bjerga, Bloomberg News (@AlanBjerga)

National Kale Day Website

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