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Brothers and political activists David and Charles Koch have announced they’ll be spending $889 million on the next election in 2016. Where will the money go? Then, there’s a heated debate over growth in Santa Monica. Some residents want to keep things as they are, while others are eager for more housing and office space. We hear from both sides. After that, we hear from an author who spent years tracking down his childhood bully. What he found, shocked him. Now, he’s written a book about it that’s part memoir, part crime caper. And finally, why are Apple’s new earnings numbers so high?

Banner Image: Beachside houses in Santa Monica; Credit: La Citta Vitta

The Party of the Koch Brothers 11 MIN, 12 SEC

Brothers David and Charles Koch are two of the biggest, most controversial players in conservative politics because of the massive amount of money and influence they wield. Now the Kochs have given Democrats a new reason to hate/fear them: they and their network of donors have announced they’ll be spending $889 million on the election in 2016. That figure more than doubles what the actual Republican National Committee spent in the last Presidential race.

Kenneth Vogel, New York Times (@kenvogel)

Santa Monica: To Grow or Not to Grow? 13 MIN, 11 SEC

How much should a city grow to prosper but also remain livable? That’s the central question for Santa Monica, also known as a key part of Silicon Beach, the tech-heavy oceanside business corridor. Now, some of those tech companies are getting frustrated by the city’s low-growth rules that result in relatively few new developments, either housing or commercial. It was a hot topic at Santa Monica’s recent “state of the city” event, and we get perspectives from both sides.

Jason Islas, Santa Monica Forward / Santa Monica Next (@jasonislas)
Phil Brock, Santa Monica Parks and Recreation Department (@PhilBrock4SM)

“Whipping Boy” 14 MIN, 50 SEC

As a 10-year-old, Allen Kurzweil was not a tough kid. In fact, he was the runt of his boarding school in Switzerland. His size made him a target for bullies, and there was one kid who was particularly creative when it came to tormenting poor Allen. His name was Cesar Augustus. Kurzweil left the boarding school behind after one year, but he was never able to completely leave Cesar behind. As an adult, he decided to track Cesar down, and now he’s written a book about what he found.

Allen Kurzweil, Author, 'Whipping Boy' (@allenkurzweil)

Whipping Boy

Allen Kurzweil

Apple Earnings and Tech News 6 MIN, 51 SEC

Apple is set to release its first quarter earnings report this afternoon. Analysts are expecting positive news from the company, even better than usual. Why? We discuss that and other news from the tech world.

Dan Frommer, Quartz (@fromedome)

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