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The president of the Los Angeles Police Commission discusses a new report with recommendations for overhauling the LAPD's use-of-force policies. And the head of the LAPD officers’ union responds. Next, UC Berkeley is in turmoil over sexual harassment allegations among faculty and staff. Could the whole UC system be in for changes? After that, we hear from the author of a new novel set in the worlds of Hollywood and filmmaking. And finally, how “The Carmichael Show” addressed Bill Cosby and other television news.

Banner Image: LAPD SWAT officers taking part in an exercise/ Photo by Marc Cooper/Wikimedia

Police Commission Calls for Big Changes in Use-of-Force 11 MIN, 1 SEC

Last year, 38 people were shot by the LAPD. Twenty-one of them died, which is the highest number of such deaths of any major city including New York and Chicago. Now, the L.A. Police Commission, which oversees the LAPD, has released a report calling for big changes in the rules governing use-of-force, which includes an effort to institute a policy that all de-escalation efforts be exhausted before force is used. We hear from the head of the commission, who also co-authored the new report.

Matthew Johnson, Los Angeles Police Commission (@LAPDHQ)

LAPD Response to Use-of-Force Recommendations 7 MIN, 29 SEC

The new report on use-of-force by the Los Angeles Police Department calls for increased emphasis on de-escalation, but some critics are concerned that this may lead to unsafe conditions for the police. We hear from the head of the police officers’ union and a critic of the commission’s report.

Craig Lally, Los Angeles Police Protective League (@lappl_lally)

Sexual Harassment on UC Campuses 8 MIN, 4 SEC

Two major UC schools are under fire for their handling of sexual harassment among faculty and staff. Berkeley and UCLA are both under investigation by the federal government over sexual misconduct cases. The Berkeley investigation revolves around multiple incidences of faculty sexual harassment, the latest involving the Dean of its law school. He resigned his position last week, although he’s still on staff. Then today the school announced its assistant basketball coach has been relieved of his duties over a sexual harassment allegation.

Michael O’hare, UC Berkeley

Academic misogyny: enabling at high levels

'Innocents and Others' Looks at Friendship in Art and Life 13 MIN, 56 SEC

Dana Spiotta’s new novel, Innocents and Others, revolves around two best friends. Both women are talented filmmakers, but they don’t agree on much. One is a commercial director who makes hits, while the other makes art movies and documentaries. There’s also a third woman, who calls powerful men in Hollywood she doesn’t know and emotionally seduces them over the phone. Innocents and Others is a book about friendship and what’s meaningful in art and in life.  

Dana Spiotta, author

Innocents and Others

Dana Spiotta

TV Roundup 6 MIN, 48 SEC

The NBC comedy “The Carmichael Show” addressed the sullied reputation of a former NBC sweetheart last night, Bill Cosby. We discuss how that went over, plus other latest television news, in our regular monday TV roundup.

Alan Sepinwall, Uproxx (@sepinwall)

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