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Black Lives Matter protesters disrupted a community meeting held by Mayor Garcetti last night in South LA. Due to the protesters, the meeting was shut down early. We talk to the mayor and a protest organizer.

Next, the LA Unified School District held a forum to get the public’s input on who should be the next superintendent. Only about 20 people showed up.

Then, the debate continues over breastfeeding and government programs that try to entice poor women to do so.

Here in LA, the drought is a talking point, but our showers and taps still run with water. In many parts of the state, people are much worse off.

And finally, food at IKEA: hot dogs, pizza, fish paste, herring, and Swedish meatballs!

Banner Image: Black Lives Matter protesters swarm Mayor Eric Garcetti's car
Black Lives Matter Protesters Shut Down Mayor’s Community Meeting 17 MIN, 36 SEC

Black Lives Matter protesters shouted and turned their backs on Mayor Garcetti at a community meeting held last night at the Holman United Methodist Church in South LA. The meeting was meant to help improve the mayor’s relationship with the community there. The meeting was shut down early.

Eric Garcetti, City of Los Angeles (@MayorOfLA)
Melina Abdullah, Cal State LA (@DocMellyMel)
Dallas Fowler, Police Permit Review Panel. (@YoDallas)

Does Anyone Care About the Search for the Next LAUSD Superintendent? 5 MIN, 35 SEC

While Mayor Garcetti was being shouted down by protesters, a quieter public meeting was taking place a couple of miles away. The LA Unified School District held a forum to get the public’s input on who should be the next superintendent. Only about 20 people showed up. 

Howard Blume, Los Angeles Times (@howardblume )

First public meeting to pick a new L.A. schools chief is small but gets lively

To Breastfeed or Not... 6 MIN, 2 SEC

To breastfeed or not to breastfeed? The debate is increasingly playing out in public forums like the New York Times and in discussions about public support for mothers with small children. Government subsidies are offered to entice poor women to breastfeed. In fact, women who breastfeed get more nutritious food from the WIC program than women who use formula.

Gayle Tzemach, Council on Foreign Relations (@gaylelemmon)

A Woman's Right to Choose (Not to Breastfeed)

The Truth About the Drought 13 MIN, 45 SEC

We keep hearing what a big impact the drought is having in our state. But we don’t really feel it here in LA. Water still comes out of everyone’s tap and shower. In Fairmead, California and surrounding communities, the drought is an everyday presence. 

Karen Foshay, KCRW (@karenfoshay)

IKEA's Food 4 MIN, 53 SEC

IKEA, you know it for its DIY furniture, massive stores and reputation as a relationship killer.
But how about the meatballs? IKEA’s in-store restaurants and markets are a weird mix of Scandinavian products and regular American junk food. Along with hot dogs, pizza and soft-serve you’ll find fish paste, muesli and, yes, Swedish meatballs. It turns out this strange menu is a huge piece of IKEA’s business.

Katherine Spiers, LA Weekly; Producer of Smarth Mouth (@katherinespiers)

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