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It’s tax day! How much are we all paying? A little-known loophole lets very wealthy art collectors deduct the full value of all the expensive art they donate to museums -- even museums they run right next to their homes. 53% of Californians now say they support legalizing weed, and they’ll get the chance to vote on it next year. A lot of people got hurt during the filming of Roar. The early 70s movie was shot with dozens of real lions and tigers in the home of producer Noel Marshall, his wife, Tippi Hedron, and their kids John Marshall and Melanie Griffith in Los Angeles. And finally, we update the latest news on all the melting ice at the north and south poles.

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Tax Day - Who Pays What? 8 MIN, 18 SEC

Yes, it’s April 15th … tax day! Are the rich paying more or less than their fair share? Now there’s a new report by Congress’ Joint Committee on Taxation. It takes a broad look at ALL the taxes we pay -- not just federal income tax -- to see what Americans’ true tax load really looks like.

Richard Rubin, Wall Street Journal (@RichardRubinDC)

An Emotional Audit: IRS Workers Are Miserable and Overwhelmed

Taxes and the Art Loophole 8 MIN, 37 SEC

Well the ultra-wealthy have a whole menu of tax deductions to choose from every spring. But one of the more obscure options, a secret menu item if you will, involves art. Art collectors can deduct the full market value of a piece of art if they donate it to a museum or exhibition space. Enter: the loophole. Some of these museums are mere steps away from their homes and only open by appointment.

Ralph Lerner, Art advisor and former attorney representing collectors, estates, artists, and foundations

Will Californians Legalize Weed Next Year? 7 MIN, 36 SEC

The majority of voters in California -- 53% -- say they support legalizing recreational marijuana for adults. That’s according to a recent survey conducted by the Public Policy Institute of California. The PPIC says that’s the highest approval point since they started asking about legalization 5 years ago. And next year, California voters will vote again on whether to legalize.

David Ball, Blue Ribbon Commission on Marijuana Policy


It has a very loose plot. But the plot isn’t the point. Roar was shot with dozens of big cats: lions, tigers, panthers. And sometimes they injured the people on set … as the cameras rolled. The movie site Hitflix said Roar is “like Walt Disney went insane and shot a snuff version of Swiss Family Robinson.” The movie was the brainchild of film producer Noel Marshall and his wife, the actress Tippi Hedren. They’d raised lions and tigers in their home in Los Angeles and then used them to star in the film...with their real life children, including a young Melanie Griffith and Noel’s son, John. This weekend, Roar is being re-released with some special preview screenings.

John Marshall, son of Noel Marshall, the filmmaker behind 'Roar'

Roar is INSANE…I’m Not Lion!

The Melting Poles 8 MIN, 32 SEC

We’ve been hearing for a while that global warming is melting the ice at both the north and south poles. But now there’s evidence that the melting may be happening faster than anyone thought. In Antarctica, scientists say the glaciers in both the Western and Eastern parts of the continent are collapsing and melting. That’s also true of the ice shelves that run around the outside of Antarctica and act as plugs that stop the giant ice sheets from sliding into the ocean and melting even faster. In the Arctic, not only is the area covered by ice getting a lot smaller, but the ice itself is getting thinner. And, of course as all this ice melts, sea levels rise, which means flooding and other problems on land.

Chris Mooney, Washington Post (@chriscmooney)

The Pacific Ocean has been slowing global warming down. That could be about to change

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