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We start today with a look at what happened during this morning’s arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court on the Affordable Care Act. Then, turning to local politics, we recap yesterday’s election results and dismal turnout. Next up, a retired magician who was one of the world’s most famous skeptics talks about his life as a debunker of frauds and the new documentary he stars in. After that, we go back to politics, but from an unusual angle: the pizza lobby is powerful and big, and it’s pushing back against healthy eating advocates in Washington, D.C. And finally, we stay with the food beat and take a look at bone broth. It’s being promoted as a cure-all by everyone from Kobe Bryant to L.A. chef Mark Peel, but does it live up to the hype?

Banner Image: Lobbyists collided over school lunches. Pizza can be served to schoolchildren since tomato paste can be considered as a vegetable and part of a healthy meal. Photo credit: Jakob Dettner (de:User:Jdettner), Rainer Zenz (de:User:Rainer Zenz), SoothingR (en:User:SoothingR) - Own work

Obamacare at the Supreme Court 9 MIN, 18 SEC

It was quite a morning at the Supreme Court today. Impassioned arguments were made either to save or scrap a key portion of the Affordable Care Act. In essence, the justices will decide whether to get rid of a provision that now gives 7.5 million people subsidies for their health insurance. We get a firsthand account of the arguments.

Dahlia Lithwick, Slate (@dahlialithwick)

Election Roundup 10 MIN, 14 SEC

There was an election here in L.A. yesterday, though you wouldn’t know it from the sound of silence at many of the polling places throughout the city. Only 10 percent of the city’s registered voters turned out; that means 180,000 out of the 1.8 million who could’ve voted, did. We go over the results.

Jessica Levinson, Loyola Law School (@LevinsonJessica)

“An Honest Liar” 14 MIN, 22 SEC

In the 1970’s, the psychic Uri Geller was a fixture on the TV chat shows. He was famous for bending spoons with nothing more, he said, than the power of his mind. But when Geller appeared on “The Tonight Show” in 1973, things didn’t go so well. Carson spoiled Geller’s act by consulting with a magician named The Amazing Randi. After that, Randi became Geller’s lifelong nemesis, and one of the world’s most famous skeptics. Now, a new documentary about Randi tells the story of how he unmasked multiple deceivers, from mentalists to televangelists. It’s called “An Honest Liar.” We speak to the subject himself.

James Randi, retired magician and the subject of the new documentary “An Honest Liar.”

The Powerful Pizza Lobby 8 MIN, 15 SEC

Five years ago, a powerful group formed to influence American politics. Not a presidential campaign or a Super PAC, but the American Pizza Community. Its a group that lobbies on behalf of pizza. Of the nearly 12,000 registered lobbyist groups in Washington, it’s the only one that represents a specific dish, and it has spent millions to influence policy makers. What do pizza’s proponents want?

Andrew Martin, Business Reporter, New York Times

Inside the Powerful Lobby Fighting for Your Right to Eat Pizza

Bone Broth: Cure-All or Empty Hype? 5 MIN, 45 SEC

The latest big food trend is here just in time for flu season. Bone broth claims to have all kinds of health benefits, perpetuated by evangelists from Kobe Bryant to L.A. chef Mark Peel. Peel even has a new bone broth stand in Grand Central Market opening soon. But are the claims true, or are they empty promises?

Katherine Spiers, LA Weekly; Producer of Smarth Mouth (@katherinespiers)

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