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As we adjust to Daylight Saving Time, we look at some new science on the consequences of sleep deprivation. Then, the three major credit bureaus agreed today to changes that could make it easier for consumers to repair damaged credit. In our weekly TV roundup, we examine new revelations about the Brian Williams scandal over his fabricated anecdotes about reporting from Iraq. Next, Madeleine speaks with novelist Paul Beatty about his new Los Angeles-set novel, The Sellout. And finally, a status update on the mountain lions of Los Angeles.

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New Study on Sleep Deprivation 7 MIN, 43 SEC

Many of us had to drag ourselves out of bed this morning after losing an hour yesterday to Daylight Saving Time. While we struggle to readjust our sleep schedules, it’s worth noting just how detrimental even a little less sleep can be. One study released last week found that losing just 30 minutes of sleep each day boosted the risk of diabetes by 17%. That’s in line with a growing body of research that links sleep debt to obesity and diabetes. We learn more about the scary science of sleep deprivation.

Esra Tasali, University of Chicago Medicine

New Rules for Credit Bureaus 7 MIN, 43 SEC

If your credit score is keeping you up at night, there’s a little good news this morning. A bad credit score, whether it’s accurate or not, can stand between you and buying a house or even getting a job. Now, the three big companies have agreed to make it easier for consumers to fix bad credit information. Equifax, Experian and TransUnion negotiated for a year with New York’s Attorney General before reaching an agreement that overhauls how the bureaus handle unpaid medical bills and disputes between creditors and consumers.

Liz Pulliam Weston, NerdWallet (@lizweston)

Your Credit Score

Liz Weston

TV Roundup: A Deep Dive on Brian Williams, NBC Woes 9 MIN, 25 SEC

New details came out today in New York Magazine about how the Brian Williams situation exploded at NBC. According to the magazine, when Williams’ stories about being shot down in Iraq were proven to be fabricated, they also exposed a news operation that was already in crisis mode. Plus, our critics’ first impressions of new network shows American Crime and CSI: Cyber in our weekly TV roundup.

Michael Schneider, Indiewire / Variety (@Franklinavenue)
Kate Aurthur, BuzzFeed News (@KateAurthur)

A Conversation With Paul Beatty 13 MIN, 44 SEC

Paul Beatty’s new novel is an acerbic and absurdist look at what it means to be black in America. The Sellout is laced with cutting insights about race, slavery, Oreo cookies, and segregation, and it’s set here in Los Angeles. Madeleine talks to the author about his work and inspiration, including those old iconic maps in the Thomas Guide.

Paul Beatty, author, 'The Sellout'

The Sellout

Paul Beatty

New Images of Santa Monica Mountain Lions 8 MIN, 40 SEC

There are new pictures of mountain lions here in the Santa Monica Mountains. Rangers set up a remote camera near a deer kill and captured close-ups of a mother and two of her sleek, tawny 15-month-old cubs feeding on the carcass. Older lions have staked a claim to all the Santa Monica Mountains territory, while the younger ones don’t have their own territory. What are the dangers facing young lions looking for places to roam, and what does the future look like for our local mountain lions?

Seth Riley, National Park Service, Santa Monica

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