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Attorney General Eric Holder announced a $1.2 billion settlement today with Toyota over how the company handled deadly malfunctions in 2009. We get the details and a rundown of other car news with our regular automotive commentator. Next, a mysterious disease is causing itching and rashes, but nobody can explain it. Is it real or psychosomatic? Plus, how the new Dodger cable network could change the way we watch all TV in the future. Also, the longtime CEO of KCET has stepped down. What does it mean for the future of public television in L.A? And we’ll hear about how the Oscar Pistorius murder trial has become South Africa’s version of the O.J. Simpson trial.

Banner Image: Toyota Corolla involved in a head on collision; credit: Ryanandlenny

Toyota, GM and Tesla 12 MIN, 23 SEC

Attorney General Eric Holder announced a $1.2 billion settlement with Toyota over the way it handled deadly problems with its cars back in 2009. It all stems from the issues of sudden acceleration, which lead to the death of a California family. We discuss that, GM’s own recall issues, and Tesla’s fight with lawmakers in several states.

Matt DeBord, Business Insider (@mattdebord)

A Mystery Itch 12 MIN, 48 SEC

There’s a new illness with thousands of sufferers -- but it may not be real. Sufferers claim to experience painful itching and welts on their skin with hair-like growths coming out of them. The ailment is called Morgellons Disease, but nobody can explain it and the medical community isn’t even convinced it’s a real condition. We look into the history of this mystery disease, what we know about it, and the big questions that remain.

Will Storr, Author (@wstorr)

The Itch Nobody Can Scratch

Why Dodgers TV Matters To Everyone 7 MIN, 2 SEC

The Dodgers open their season this weekend in Australia with a game against the Arizona Diamondbacks. But here at home, there’s only one way to watch the team. A $7 billion deal between the Dodgers and Time Warner Cable has created a channel called SportsNet LA, which has exclusive rights to all Dodger TV broadcasts. If you have any other provider - Dish, U-Verse, DirecTV - you’re out of luck. We take a look at the new channel, and how its business model could change the way cable TV operates.

Jon Nathanson, Slate.com (@jonnathanson)

Sea Change at Public TV 6 MIN, 24 SEC

The CEO of L.A.’s public TV station, KCET, is stepping down after 18 years. Al Jerome presided over KCET during a tumultuous time for public television stations everywhere, but especially here. A few years ago, he broke with PBS -- just before that network’s huge bit, Downton Abbey, debuted. It’s been downhill for the station ever since. We’ll talk about what’s next for public TV in L.A.

Judy Muller, University of Southern California (@judusc)

Pistorius Trial Takes Over South Africa 7 MIN, 49 SEC

The Oscar Pistorius murder trial in South Africa has the entire country entirely captivated. The famous athlete known as the “Blade Runner” is in court for shooting and killing his girlfriend, whom he says he mistook for an intruder. The country’s obsession with the proceedings may even affect the upcoming presidential elections there, because the candidates have to compete with the trial for voters’ attention.

Anton Harber, University of the Witswatersrand (@AntonHarber)

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