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The shocking defeat of House majority leader Eric Cantor could mean a death knell for immigration reform efforts. Plus, the situation in Iraq continues to devolve. We find out what that means for the region. We hear about the LA Film Festivals efforts to highlight uniquely Los Angeles films and we talk about the bizarre way TV shows are trying to game the Emmy Awards. And we talk World Cup soccer, NHL playoffs, and the escalating criticism of the Washington Redskins’ name and logo.

Banner Image: House majority leader Eric Cantor speaking at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, DC in 2011; Credit: Gage Skidmore

Cantor's Loss is a Loss for Immigration Reform 8 MIN, 10 SEC

One of the biggest primary upsets in Congressional history occurred yesterday in Virginia. House majority leader Eric Cantor lost his district to a Tea Party candidate. Nobody expected it. It’s a big shakeup for Republicans, and it could be a death knell for an issue near and dear to many Californians: immigration reform.

Robert Draper, New York Times Magazine / National Geographic / GQ (@DraperRobert)

Violence in Iraq 8 MIN, 5 SEC

The situation in Iraq continues to devolve. Mosul and Tikrit, two important northern cities, are now in the hands of the Al Qaeda-related group ISIS. And their forces continue to push towards Baghdad. Meanwhile Iraqi security troops are reportedly abandoning their posts.

Robin Wright, US Institute of Peace / Woodrow Wilson Center (@wrightr)

LA Films at the LA Film Fest 8 MIN, 32 SEC

The 20th installment of the Los Angeles Film Festival begins tonight. For the first time, the festival will turn its lens on Southern California with a special section called “LA Muse,” featuring a diverse group of films that are set, shot or inspired by Los Angeles.

Elvis Mitchell, Host, 'The Treatment'

World Cup Preview 7 MIN

The first game of the soccer World Cup kicks-off in Sao Paulo, Brazil, tomorrow. We get a primer on what to watch for and why some say we need to keep our eyes on the referees.

Christian Bordal, Producer, 'Press Play' (@ChristianBordal)

NHL Playoffs and Anti-Redskins Ad 8 MIN, 22 SEC

The World Cup isn’t the only game getting attention this week. The LA Kings are one game away from sweeping the NHL playoffs. Plus, an ad criticizing the name of the Washington Redskins just got major airtime during the NBA playoffs.

Politics of the Emmys 6 MIN, 2 SEC

Ballots went out to members of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences this week. But as they consider which TV shows deserve Emmys, there are some odd choices. For example, how can someone with her own show - Amy Schumer - be nominated for supporting actress? We talk about the rules of the Emmys and how some people are trying to bend them.

David Sims, The Wire (@davidlsims)

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