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Some of the state’s highest water officials are also its biggest water wasters. We look at a new report from the Center for Investigative Reporting that crunches the data. Also, the LA County Board of Supervisors votes today on whether to continue cooperating with immigration officials in jails. Next, we get an update on the protests and legal action still taking place in Ferguson, Missouri, two months after the police shooting of Michael Brown. Then, we hear from TV writer Jill Soloway about her new Amazon series Transparent, which is inspired by part by her own father’s gender transition. Finally, a look at the driving directions app Waze. Is its popularity making us more distracted behind the wheel?

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The Water Wasters 8 MIN, 38 SEC

Some of the state’s highest water officials are also its biggest water wasters, according to a new report from the Center for Investigative Reporting. The report finds that some of the people enforcing water restrictions in California’s most drought-stricken areas used up to three times as much water as a typical household last year. We hear from one of the reporters who co-wrote the story.

Lance Williams, Center for Investigative Reporting (@LanceWCIR)

California water officials aren’t following own call for conservation

I.C.E. Agents in L.A. County Jails 4 MIN, 52 SEC

The L.A. County Board of Supervisors votes today on whether or not to continue their partnership with immigration officials at county jails. As it is, federal immigration agents in jails train county employees on how to question inmates convicted of certain felonies to determine whether they may be in the country illegally. But some argue that law enforcement and immigration don’t mix.

Kate Linthicum, Los Angeles Times (@katelinthicum)

Supervisors to weigh county jails' collaboration with ICE agents

Ferguson Protests Continue, Two Months after Teen’s Death 10 MIN, 7 SEC

A federal judge in Ferguson, Missouri ruled Monday that police there violated the Constitution by telling protesters they couldn’t stand still. Meanwhile, street protests continue, with more planned for later in the week. We catch up on the scene in Ferguson two months after the police shooting of Michael Brown.

Chris King, St. Louis American (@chriskingstl)

Judge grants preliminary injunction in ACLU’s five-second rule lawsuit

Jill Soloway’s 'Transparent' Brings Trans Identity to TV 13 MIN, 24 SEC

The new Amazon series Transparent depicts a loving but dysfunctional Los Angeles family. In the pilot, family patriarch announces that he’s not longer going to hide his secret identity. Jill Soloway created the series. She was a writer on the HBO series Six Feet Under and she wrote and directed the feature film Afternoon Delight. We talk to her about her new project.

Actor Jeffrey Tambor and Writer/Director Jill Soloway on the set of Transparent
Credit: Gregory Zabilski

Jill Soloway, TV writer and director (@jillsoloway)

I Want You To Show Me the Waze 7 MIN, 20 SEC

A new study by AAA says that voice-activated smartphone apps do more harm than good when it comes to distracted driving. Waze, an app that provides driving directions and real-time reporting of traffic conditions, is a prime example. In addition to road tips, Waze also peppers users with ads and other extras. We look at its growing popularity; is it for better or worse?

Liz Gannes, Re/code (@lizgannes)

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