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Foreign reporters at the RNC talk about how difficult it is to explain the phenomenon of Donald Trump to their audience back home. Meanwhile, the California Delegation has been staying at the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio, 60 miles from the convention hall. On Thursday night, the convention comes to its climax with Donald Trump’s speech and the big balloon drop. Treb Heining has been the balloon drop guy at every Republican Party convention since 1988. We also take a closer look at Boyle Heights, an East LA neighborhood that is showing all the hallmarks of gentrification. And finally, TV and film critics remember the longstanding and prolific career of the late Hollywood producer and director Garry Marshall.

Banner Image: Reporters at the RNC Photo: Saul Gonzalez

How Do Foreign Reporters Explain Trump? 10 MIN, 19 SEC

Wednesday’s RNC theme is Make America First Again, which is making a few foreign observers uneasy. We wanted to see how the convention is playing out abroad. Press Play producer Anna Scott spoke to a few foreign reporters in Cleveland for an outsider look at the election.

James Coomarasamy, BBC
Peter Duggeli, Swiss Broadcasting
Rhod Sharp, BBC

Why is the California Delegation Staying 60 Miles Away From the Convention Hall? 10 MIN, 20 SEC

California’s GOP delegation gave Donald Trump a big boost toward officially securing the nomination Tuesday. All of the state’s 172 votes went to Trump. KCRW’s Saul Gonzalez has spent time with the delegation at their hotel -- the Kalahari Resort, which has America’s biggest indoor waterpark -- in Sandusky, Ohio, 60 miles from the convention hall.

Ann Coulter talks to California Republicans. Photo: Saul Gonzalez

California delegates board the bus for the 60 mile ride to the convention center. Photo: Saul Gonzalez

Saul Gonzalez, Host, 'There Goes the Neighborhood: Los Angeles' (@SaulKCRW)

The Man In Charge of the Balloons 6 MIN, 26 SEC

The GOP Convention comes to its climactic end on Thursday night with Donald Trump’s speech. When he’s done speaking, the balloons will drop. One hundred thousand of them in red, white, and blue will float down upon all those assembled inside Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena. The guy behind the balloon drop is Treb Heining. He’s been the balloon drop guy at every Republican Party convention since 1988.

Mike Schlitt, Historian and Producer, 'The Document' (@schlitthappenz)

Meet the man behind the balloons at the Republican National Convention

In Boyle Heights, Gentrification is Coming Fast 10 MIN, 32 SEC

The East Los Angeles neighborhood of Boyle Heights has all the ingredients of a neighborhood undergoing gentrification: new first time homeowners, a bunch of art galleries, complaints of rapacious landlords kicking out low income tenants, and activists fighting back. Madeleine and Press Play producer Anna Scott recently spent time there to find out what the change looks like up close.

Kevin Barney, USC
Rose Garcia, real estate agent
Elizabeth Blaney, Union de Vecinos (@UniondVecinos)

Remembering Garry Marshall 10 MIN, 50 SEC

Garry Marshall, the legendary producer and director of “Happy Days” and “Pretty Woman,” died yesterday. The 81-year-old, who also has credits as a writer and actor, had a Hollywood career that spanned over 65 years and launched A-list celebrities like Robin Williams and Julia Roberts into international fame.

Daniel Fienberg, Hollywood Reporter (@TheFienPrint)
Tim Grierson, Film Critic (@TimGrierson)

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