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We look at the decision not to file charges in the police shooting death of Keith Scott, and how that fits into the larger Black Lives Matter movement.

Can immigrants facing deportation be held indefinitely or should they be able to post bail? The Supreme Court takes up that question.

Donald Trump picks Steve Mnuchin to be Treasury Secretary. We look at Mnuchin’s track record with financing movies, and his role in the housing crisis when he ran a bank that foreclosed on thousands of homeowners.

Musician Nick Cave went into the recording studio a few weeks after his teenage son died in an accident. In a new film, Cave talks about how he and his art are now changed.

The National Park Service has avoided sensitive questions about race and discrimination at the historical sites it manages, but that’s changing.

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Black Lives Matter in the age of Trump 9 MIN, 26 SEC

Charges are not being filed against the police officer who shot and killed Keith Lamont Scott. The shooting inspired protests and rioting in September, and the National Guard was eventually called in. Black Lives Matter was front and center in those demonstrations. In July, Donald Trump said he might have his future attorney general investigate the activists behind it. After the election, Black Lives Matter leaders published a statement calling Trump a white supremacist.

Yamiche Alcindor, New York Times

Should immigrants facing deportation be able to post bail? 7 MIN, 5 SEC

Today in the case Jennings v. Rodriguez, the Supreme Court pondered whether immigrants facing deportation should be in detention facilities indefinitely or whether they should be eligible for bond hearings that could lead to their release. The case concerns legal permanent residents who’ve been convicted of crimes and asylum seekers.

Lisa McElroy, Drexel University (@ProfLisaMcElroy)

Who is the Hollywood investor picked as Treasury Secretary? 6 MIN, 32 SEC

Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s chief fundraiser during the campaign, is a big-time investor in banking, real estate and Hollywood. His resume includes a long stint at Goldman Sachs, owning a fund firm, producer credits on “films like Suicide Squad” and “American Sniper.” He’s raised eyebrows for some unscrupulous business moves over the years.

Kim Masters, host, 'The Business' (@kimmasters)

Nick Cave’s thoughts on music and mortality, captured in film 17 MIN

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds were preparing to record the band’s latest album when Cave’s teen son Arthur died. A new documentary, “One More Time With Feeling,” is about the making of that album, but its gravitational center is the tragic death of Cave’s son and its aftermath.

Andrew Dominik, Director

National Park Service addresses race and civil rights 6 MIN, 54 SEC

The National Park Service was founded 100 years ago to preserve the country’s natural beauty and historic sites. In the last 20 years or so, NPS has added sites that tell stories about the Japanese internment, forcible desegregation in the South, and the plight of migrant farmworkers.

Carolina Miranda, Los Angeles Times (@cmonstah)

Our national parks can also be reminders of America's history of race and civil rights

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