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Hillary Clinton has more than double the delegates of her rival Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary, but a substantial portion of her delegates are superdelegates. How do superdelegates affect the race to the nomination?

Also, in this divisive election year, writer Hector Tobar wonders where the Latino outrage is.

Next, weather manipulation brought more rain to LA this week.

After that, a new documentary explores the “City of Gold” through the eyes of LA food critic Jonathan Gold.

And finally, sports talk with the comedy team The Sklar Brothers.

Banner Image: Jonathan Gold in City of Gold

How Superdelegates Impact the Election Process 10 MIN, 22 SEC

Bernie Sanders upset Hillary Clinton in Michigan last night, but despite the surprise victory, the delegate math is still not in his favor. Sanders has 571 delegates now, but Clinton has 1,221 and a substantial portion of her delegates, 461 in fact, are so-called super delegates — basically Democratic party officials. What would the race to the nomination look like if there were no superdelegates?

Maria Elena Durazo, Democratic National Committee (@MariaEDurazo)

Where is the Latino Outrage? 7 MIN, 20 SEC

In this election year, anger has taken center-stage. The Black Lives Matter movement went viral even before the battle for the White House ramped up. Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders has tapped into blue collar frustration with the status quo. And Donald Trump has seized on the deep-seated outrage of many disenfranchised voters, attacking immigrants in particular. When Donald Trump proposes building a wall on the border and refers to Mexican immigrants as ‘rapists’, Hector Tobar wonders were the Latino outrage is.

Hector Tobar, author and journalist

Cloud Seeding Brings More Rain to SoCal 5 MIN, 17 SEC

A major El Nino storm rolled through Los Angeles this week. Thunder rattled windows, rain flooded city streets, and California’s reservoirs saw levels rise. Part of that was due to cloud seeding, a process where scientists shoot silver iodide into rain clouds, augmenting rainfall. What was the impact of the weather manipulation? What dent might it make in the ongoing drought?

Roelof Bruintjes, National Center for Atmospheric Research

Food Critic Jonathan Gold Explores LA in 'City of Gold' 13 MIN, 29 SEC

They say New York is a city you love immediately and learn to hate, but that Los Angeles is a city you hate immediately and learn to love. Los Angeles Times Food Critic, Jonathan Gold has helped many of us love Los Angeles. In his food coverage, Gold writes about cultures, neighborhoods, and people. A new documentary captures the critic as he scours the city for his next great meal and next great L.A. story.

Laura Gabbert, Director

Peyton Manning Retires and Other Sports News 9 MIN, 52 SEC

Peyton Manning announced his retirement Monday after 18 seasons in the NFL. That may have overshadowed another NFL retirement, that of the Detroit Lions wide receiver known as Megatron. Everybody thought Maria Sharapova was going to announce her retirement too when she called a press conference this week, only to admit that she had failed a doping test. Plus, the Golden State Warriors break the Chicago Bulls home game winning streak thanks, in part, to star Steph Curry. That and more with The Sklar Brothers.

Jason Sklar, comedian and sports commentator (@SklarBrothers)
Randy Sklar, comedian and sports commentator (@SklarBrothers)

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