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After winning in Indiana, Donald Trump is the last Republican standing, and that means California is back to being irrelevant in the GOP race for the White House. How does the California Republican party move forward? Next, Los Angeles chefs cleaned up at the John Beard Awards this week. Has Los Angeles truly arrived on the restaurant map? Then, the story of a Pakistani girl who defied the Taliban and became a pro-athlete after spending most of her childhood pretending to be a boy. Finally, what’s wrong with multi-tasking? How our plugged-in world is affecting our ability to concentrate.

After Indiana, California Primary ‘Irrelevant’ Once Again 6 MIN, 31 SEC

Political pundits, the media, and perhaps Ted Cruz and John Kasich thought there would be a real fight for California’s Republican delegates, and that the state’s primary would matter for the first time in decades. However, after winning in Indiana Tuesday, Donald Trump is the last Republican standing; that means the golden state is back to being irrelevant in the GOP race for the White House. How does the California Republican party move forward? What does Trump at the top of the ticket mean for the down-ballot races?

Mike Madrid, GrassrootsLab (@madrid_mike)

LA Cleans Up at the John Beard Awards 5 MIN, 36 SEC

Los Angeles cleaned up at the James Beard Awards this week. Local chef Suzanne Goin took home the big prize, winning for Outstanding Chef. L.A. chefs also took home Outstanding Pastry Chef and Best Chef of the West awards. Has Los Angeles finally truly arrived on the restaurant map?

Lesley Bargar Suter, Los Angeles magazine (@LesleyBS)

'The Girl Who Hid from the Taliban in Plain Sight' 14 MIN, 29 SEC

Maria Toorpakai grew up in a lawless tribal area of Pakistan where the Taliban rules and her future was pretty much set – she’d stay at home and get married. She’d have no education, no career, no way out. But Toorpakai wanted out and she found a way. She cut her hair, dressed in her brother’s clothes, and pretended to be a boy when she was a child. As a teenager, she stopped pretending to be a boy, but she still rebelled. Despite threats from the Taliban, she eventually became an elite athlete and the country’s top ranked female squash player. Toorpakai tells her remarkable life story in a new memoir called A Different Kind of Daughter: The Girl Who Hid from the Taliban in Plain Sight.

Maria Toorpakai, Author

How to Focus on One Thing in a Multitasking World? 11 MIN, 48 SEC

In our plugged-in world of constant distractions and never-ending emails, texts, and tweets, it’s hard to focus on just one task. UC Irvine researcher Gloria Mark has found that interruptions can cause increased levels of stress and anxiety. There’s simply too much information to consume and distribute; and that’s affecting our brains. Is the remedy single-tasking? And how can we mono-task in a multitasking world?

Manoush Zomorodi, WNYC's 'Note to Self' (@manoushz)

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