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Last night, Elon Musk unveiled the Tesla Model 3. Will it change the world?

Then, why is there such a big push to make $15 an hour the new minimum wage nationwide?

After that, Madeleine speaks to the performance artist known as Cassils. In our Friday film roundup, our critics discuss a new religious sequel and the new Richard Linklater movie.

And finally, are casting workshops a scam?

Banner Image: Tesla Model 3

Tesla's Car for the Masses (Sort Of) 7 MIN, 57 SEC

Last night, Elon Musk unveiled the Tesla Model 3 in Hawthorne California. It’s the car Musk believes will change the world. The Tesla Model 3 is the electric car for the masses, relatively speaking. At $35,000 it’s not cheap, but it’s a fraction of the price of Tesla’s previous models. What does this mean for Tesla and for the car industry as a whole?

Matt DeBord, Business Insider (@mattdebord)

The Minimum Wage Magic Number 8 MIN

If you make minimum wage, you probably will not be buying a Tesla anytime soon, but you’ll be making at least a little more in California and New York. Legislatures in both states passed a $15 minimum wage yesterday. Seattle and Los Angeles have approved similar citywide laws. There’s pending legislation in about a dozen other places across the country, and there’s a call to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour. How did that become the minimum wage magic number?

David Cooper, Economic Policy Institute (@metaCoop)

The Art of Cassils 12 MIN, 28 SEC

When Madeleine was in Berlin last year, she saw an ad for an exhibition that stopped her in her tracks. It was a photo of a person wearing men’s white briefs, topless and muscular, with bright red lipstick on; an image both hyper masculine and softly feminine at the same time. The person in the poster was Cassils, a performance artist who’s performing here in L.A. for one night only this Saturday, at the Broad Museum. In the parking garage, to be exact.

Heather Cassils, performance artist

Friday Film: Religious Films, Music Biopics and More 11 MIN, 32 SEC

There’s a bumper crop of music biopics in theaters right now and a new Richard Linklater movie out this weekend, as well as a sequel for the religious set. We discuss it all in our regular Friday film roundup.

William Bibbiani, co-hosts the podcasts Canceled Too Soon and Critically Acclaimed. (@williambibbiani)
Roth Cornet, ScreenJunkies News (@RothCornet)

The Problems With Pay for Play 8 MIN, 4 SEC

While film actors still go to traditional auditions to score roles, they’re increasingly trying out in so-called workshops put on by casting directors. On any given day of the week, hundreds pay an entrance fee to hear some tips and be seen by casting directors. These aren’t billed as auditions because it’s illegal to ask actors to pay to audition. But that’s what’s happening, according to a story in the Hollywood Reporter.

Gary Baum, Hollywood Reporter (@garymbaum)

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