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Today on Press Play, the US lost to Germany in the latest World Cup match, but will still move on to the group of 16. Then, California continues to lose TV and movie production to other states with better incentives. But a new piece of proposed legislation would try and stanch the bleeding. Next, a look at how a six-volume, fictionalized memoir from Norway has captured the imaginations of readers across the world. Who is Karl Ove Knaussgard? Then, an interview with filmmaker Brian Knappenberger about his new film, “The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz.” Swartz was an internet pioneer, but took his own life at the age of 26 amidst a government investigation. Finally, a new report on weaponized drone use warns that the wars of the future could last forever.

World Cup Winners and Losers 7 MIN, 25 SEC

The US squared off against Germany today and the team’s World Cup life was on the line. And while the US lost the game, they also… won? The complicated rules of the tournament mean that a game going on at the same time had just as much of an effect on the US as the loss to Germany. And the upshot? The US will move on to the group of 16.

Matthew Futterman, Wall Street Journal (@MattFutterman)

Runaway Production 9 MIN, 24 SEC

For the first time ever, more TV pilots were filmed in New York than Los Angeles. Meanwhile, California is mulling over new incentives in an attempt to keep productions rolling in the state. And according to the state lawmakers that are pushing new incentives, only one of the last 42 big-budget features were shot exclusively in California.

Ted Johnson, Variety (@tedstew)

Who is Karl Ove Knaussgard? 8 MIN, 20 SEC

The literary darling of the summer is a dark and brooding author from Norway. Karl Ove Knaussgard has written an opus about his life that readers have found excruciatingly small, but impossible to put down. The third of six volumes was just published in the US and KCRW’s Bookworm, Michael Silverblatt, recently sat down with Knaussgard to speak about “My Struggle.”

Michael Silverblatt, host, 'Bookworm'

The Internet’s Own Boy 13 MIN, 57 SEC

The name Aaron Swartz may not ring a bell for most. But for the developer community, Swartz was a hero. He created the prototype for Wikipedia and helped create RSS feeds. He went on to co-found Reddit and helped kill an anti-piracy bill backed by Hollywood. But Swartz was under investigation for taking academic papers and making them freely available online. That’s when he killed himself at the age of 26. Brian Knappenberger’s new film takes a look at the government’s investigation and why Swartz may have taken his life.

Brian Knappenberger, producer and documentary filmmaker (@knappB)

Drone Wars Report 7 MIN, 33 SEC

A group of former military officials and intelligence officers put out a chilling report today on how the use of drones affect modern warfare. The bipartisan panel found that increased use of armed drones could lead to wars that never end.

Janine Davidson, Senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations (@https://twitter.com/janinedavidson)

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